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Medical cannabis is an effective alternative medicine to treat many different diseases. It can be assumed in many forms, ranging from capsules to vaporizers and edibles, or simply smoked. In the last few years, many states legalized it for medical purposes, so if you possess a doctor’s recommendation, you can easily acquire it online in one of the many dispensaries.

However, not all dispensaries have the same characteristics. Some will deliver your pot to your home, while others shine for the warm and supportive environments. Are you looking for an especially knowledgeable staff to which you can ask all types of questions, or simple, quick, and reliable weed delivery in SF? Whatever your preferences may be, here is a quick guide to finding the right dispensary that meets your needs.

Check Out the Nearest Dispensary

Marijuana is legal in many states, and even if you can order it online, finding one nearby is usually the best way to start your search. Finding a physical store to observe it is, in fact, a good method to learn more about the world of medical cannabis. Also, the nearer is the weed shop, the quicker your delivery will be.

To narrow down your search, there are many pot dispensary locator apps available for free. Many of these directories include thousands of dispensaries in your geographic region, as well as a lot of additional info such as info about the various trains, growing tips and trust ratings. Try WeedMaps or Leafly to get you started.

Choose Which Strain You Want to Use

The physiological effects of the different strains of cannabis vary a lot. Marijuana contains more than 80 cannabinoids, and their respective concentrations might affect your body and mind in a lot of different ways. Not every strain is good for a given condition, so knowing which specific strain suits your needs is vital to choose the right one.

Many dispensaries usually offer a whole list of different Indica and Sativa strains, together with a lot more info such as the concentration in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Once you know whether you need a Harlequin or a Blackjack to treat your illness, you can narrow down your search to only those dispensaries that sell it. Always look for a dispensary with a large “menu” of available strains, in case you want to try a new one that could be better or more effective. You can also visit their center to inquire more about the various strains, their differences and, if you’re interested in growing your own plants, their cultivation methods.

Check Their Website

A legit marijuana dispensary will always have a solid and well-designed website full of robust information. If you just find a poorly built site that is hard to navigate, you probably found a fake one. Is their info interesting and readable or full of grammatical errors? A bad website may hide an even worse dispensary that will just waste your time with low-quality products. However, even the best website means nothing if the services provided are ultimately abysmal.

Read Online Reviews

Just like any other service you can find on the Internet, reading some reviews about that dispensary that grabbed your attention is the safest course of action. You’re not the first customer that has been served by that pot shop, of course. Knowing what other people who already gotten services from them said might open your eyes on potential scammers or just provide you with more info. You don’t want to waste your time with fake positive reviews, though. Just keep an eye open for the most honest and genuine ones.

Some online platforms can provide you with interesting customer stories and experiences. For example, has a section where the reviews are very reliable since they’re tied to the unique social accounts of the various users (usually on Facebook or Weed). Many dispensaries are also rated with a quick point-based score system by sites such as and

Send a Message or Pick Up the Phone

Knowing how supportive and efficient is the staff of a dispensary beforehand can be really helpful. Send them a message using their mailing system and ask for a product or insight. Did they answer you right away? Was their answer a direct one or they fumbled out with words because they’re not so competent after all? Did you talk with a real person (or even a doctor) or you just got a pre-generated message?

Finding the right dispensary can save you a headache. When you’re already struggling with your condition, you have neither the time nor the strength to deal with an unreliable provider. With these tips, you can maximize your chance to find the right medical marijuana dispensary.