When people want to start working out, they often believe that they need a gym membership to do so. They believe that access to the equipment and atmosphere is the best way to incorporate strength training into their routine and may feel that the social climate of the gym will keep them motivated and on track with their goals. However, the truth may be just the opposite.

There are many reasons to believe that working out at home will deliver better results in a shorter amount of time. For example, a lot of newly-motivated individuals tell themselves that they’ll get started once they’ve created the right circumstances. Those perfect conditions will almost never exist. By working out at home, you can start your routine without worrying about what you’re wearing. You’ll have the freedom to work out when you can squeeze the routine into your schedule.

Financial constraints often keep people away from the gym and hold individuals back from getting started on their fitness goals. Rather than spending money on a gym membership, you can invest in a few key pieces that are best suited to your goals. This has two benefits: you’ll probably save a lot of money, and you can be sure that the equipment you need is available when you want it. Don’t let distractions and other obstacles prevent you from your commitment to better health. Use the infographic below to help you identify the workout equipment best suited to your goals.