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Herbalife Nutrition has been around since the 1960s. They must be doing something right, considering people around the globe drank more than 1.9 billion protein shakes in 2020 alone. Wandering around the internet reveals that many people have similar questions about the brand and its products. This blog answers some of the most common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers For People Thinking About Trying Herbalife Products

Do meal replacements really help someone lose weight?

Yes. Protein shakes help consumers lose weight because they provide enough protein to satisfy hunger cravings and keep people feeling full and satisfied. People can feed their afternoon craving with a candy bar (an Almond Joy has 522 calories and a whopping 43.3 grams of carbs.) Or, they can choose a rich, tasty Herbalife Meal Replacement Shake.

An independent scientific review of Herbalife protein meal replacement products demonstrated that people who consumed Herbalife products in a 2020 study saw significantly larger decreases in body weight, body mass index, and fat mass than participants who ate controlled diets.

Why are Herbalife products better than any of the other thousands of diet and nutrition supplements on the market?

Many times, consumers have no idea where a diet aid’s ingredients come from. Some manufacturers’ labels aren’t consistent with what’s in the bottle or box. With Herbalife, consumers know that what is on the label accurately reflects what is in the package. The brand has rigorous sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging standards. If asked, the company can tell you what processes took place from the time a natural ingredient was planted and grown through the harvesting and processing phases.

They also offer clean products, certified and approved for use by professional athletes. Professional soccer teams have helped the brand create and test sports hydration products, such as Herbalife24® CR7 Drive, which helps balance electrolytes and fuels faster muscle recovery, and enhances performance on the field. Non-athletes and anyone who wants to improve digestion with proper hydration techniques benefits from Pomegranate flavored Green Tea.

Is Herbalife sold in stores?

Herbalife products are only sold by approved, company-trained independent distributors. Distributors help clients customize their nutritional supplement orders based on their unique nutrition and wellness goals. These partners also guide customers as they develop long-term goals with tips and advice on managing weight, product recommendations, and encouragement. Distributors may provide online ordering solutions.

Is Herbalife Expensive?

Herbalife prices vary, depending on where a person lives geographically. Shipping costs also vary. And, some products may have limited-time discounts offered by the company and/or independent distributors. According to information from the Herbalife Nutrition website, a canister of Formula One, one of the most popular protein shake formulas, has an average retail price of $42.85 (USD). Each container makes 30 servings. (Remember, prices are subject to change.)

What do customers say about their experiences?

Everyone’s journey is different, but reviews show that having a personal coach and mentor is life-changing. For example, Tara T., a nutrition support customer, told Herbalife she decided to try the products because she had spent years making the same New Year’s resolution to lose 15 pounds, but her weight went up each year. Her part-time Herbalife distributor helped her set a BIG goal of losing 50 pounds and smaller, achievable goals of 10 pounds each. Tara is happy with her progress, thanks to her coach and mentor.

Quick Facts About Herbalife Nutrition & Its Products

  • In 2021, Euromonitor International Ltd., an unaffiliated, third-party market research firm, recognized the brand as the world’s #1 Meal Replacement & Protein Supplements company.
  • The brand has continuously held the titles of “World’s Top Brand in Weight Management” and “World’s Top Brand in Meal Replacement” for five years.
  • Herbalife went global when Mark R. Hughes founded Herbalife International in 1980.
  • The product line includes gluten-free versions of Formula 1 Select, which includes a blend of pea, quinoa, rice proteins. With non-GM ingredients, Formula 1 Select is certified as vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free.