Friends can have a huge influence in our lives. The emotional and moral support we get from them can have a lasting impact on our behaviors, beliefs, and ways of doing things.

So the moment you choose to live a healthy lifestyle, the one of first thing you need to think about is your friends. They can make or break your newfound way of life. If they choose to support you, you’ll reach your goals faster. But, if they don’t, it may be a struggle for you to even get started.

Here are some things you can do to ensure your friends help you achieve your fitness goals.

Let them know about your new healthy lifestyle

Deciding to live a life free of all the unhealthy habits of the past is a huge step. However, making the decision is one thing; executing or turning your thoughts into actions can be  tough. That’s why you need to let your friends know about the changes you’re about to make.

Let them know that you can no longer smoke, drink, eat junk food, or stay out late at the clubs. Let them know that you’ll be eating better, getting more rest and spending time at the local fitness club instead of the local fast food restaurants and dance clubs. Although coming out and directly asking for their support may feel a bit uncomfortable, it’s the only way to ensure they know what you expect of them.  Good friends will know how important your decision is to you and they will honor it.

Ask for their support

Once you’ve made it clear to them that you’ll be changing a few things in your life, ask them to have your back. They do not necessarily need to change their lives for you. It simply means that they should not be obstacles to your success. They can offer you support by encouraging you to uphold the healthy lifestyle you’ve chosen, even if they don’t join you. But they should not tempt you by taking you to clubs and indulging in unhealthy eating and drinking habits while you’re around them.

Don’t tolerate any negativity from your friends

Finally, accept that you may have to go it alone at times. Some friends may end up mocking or judging you wrongly for your decision to live healthily. However, that should neither bother you nor deter you from your path to a healthy lifestyle. You must remain steadfast and disciplined and focus on the greater good, even if it means doing it alone. Keep in mind that true friends want what’s best for you and will support you in your efforts.  Besides, as you get involved in new, health conscious activities you’ll also make new friendships who share your goal of a healthier, happier life.