Looking for a funny gag gift or just want to have some fun with politics? No matter what side you stand on, it is pretty clear that our political system is a mess, and these funny condom we found atCondomania make that clear. These political condoms make for a raunchy political gift and make one thing clear, no matter who you vote for, your are getting screwed, so you might as well have fun doing it.

There are two things we are told never to talk about in polite company. Sex and politics. These funny political condoms at https://www.condomania.com/political-condom-collection.html bring both of these items together in a fun, and sexy way. These condoms are great political gifts no matter what side of the political line you fall on, and are great for a wide range of occasions and situations. These condoms are safe and effective, and are made from high quality latex. More than just a funny gag gift, these funny condoms are also practical.

Lots of Fun Slogans
These political condoms are more than a little raunchy, they are also more that a little clever. They come in pack of a dozen condoms, each individually wrapped for your safety. They feature assorted saying that include phrases like :

*Either Way You’re Getting Screwed
*Remember The Election With Your Next Erection
* Great For Any Position
*Thin As A Politician’s Promise
*Don’t Debate Wrap Your Candidate

Fun Way to Remind Your Date To Wear a Condom

Taking care of you health by avoiding STD’s and taking care of your emotional health by avoiding pregnancy are both important things you need to do the next time you have sex. But you don’t have to be serious when talking about a serious subject. Inserting a little humor into an important subject is one way to keep your date’s attention. These condoms are a great way to break the ice and show that you have a sense of humor about the situation.

Bringing out one of these condoms on a date is a great way to get a laugh, and if things go well they could help the date go better. Don’t Debate Wrap Your Canidate, in particular is a great icebreaker. It also shows that while you might not be serious about politics, you are definately serious about staying safe and protected. These condoms are fully safe and effective too. They are made from 100% latex and are designed to protect against STD’s and pregnancy.

Great As a Political Gag Gift
Sometimes politcs can be a drag. If you know someone who works in politics, whether it’s in the campaign office of the local city councilman or councilwoman or you’re close friends with a state senator, these funny condoms are great political gifts for someone who needs a big laugh. They are great for bringing out in the middle of a campaign when tensions are high or stress is running rampant.

Great For Bringing People Together
These funny condoms are the perfect gag gift for a couple that never sees eye to eye on anything political. These political condoms are a great way to remind your partner that even though you may not agree on anything else, you still enjoy each other’s company between the sheets. Giving one or a dozen of these condoms to your partner is a funny way to end an argument and get back to what you like about each other the most.

A Great Consolation Prize
These political condoms are especially appropriate if you are married to or a dating anyone who just lost a big election. Bringing out these condoms after a big loss is a great way to lighten the mood and show that you are ready and willing to turn the night around. Your significant other is sure to start to feel better when you pull out one of these funny condoms with a phrase like “Either Way You’re Getting Screwed ” or “Thin as A Politician’s Promise”. Everyone can appreciate a good joke, and these condoms will have you and your partner looking at a big loss in a new light.

Great Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Gift For a Politician

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are all about cheeky, sexy humor. These political condoms fit right into that atmosphere. If you know someone who is heavily involved in politics, no matter what side they are on, these condoms are a great gift or party favor. The funny slogans are a way to really keep the spirit of the party going. Your friend is sure to get a laugh out of them, and might even use them once the big event finally arrives.

Great Way to Spice Things Up

Many couples are looking for a way to add a little spice and fun to the bedroom and these political condoms are one way to do it. They add a little sass and fun to your normal routine. You can even pretend that you are part of the political machine, or let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

Funny Way To Bring Up “the Talk”

If you have teenagers, you know how difficult it can be to talk to them, especially about sensitive issues. Why not inject a little humor into the situation. If your teenager is old enough to be sexually active or has started asking you questions, these funny political condoms are a great way to break the ice with a little humor. They can make a tense situation a little less serious. Some of the slogans on these condoms even drive home the important messages about safe sex and STD’s that you want to impart to your children. If you are a savvy enough you can even impart a little wisdom about the political system.

No matter who you are and what your feelings about politics are, these funny condoms are fun and irreverent. They are a great for wide variety of situations, including funny political situations, breaking the ice on a date, or ending a political argument with your partner. No matter what you choose to do with these funny condoms, they are definitely cheeky, smart, and sexy. There are plenty of uses for these high quality condoms. See more at https://www.condomania.com/political-condoms and let us know your favorites.