There are many people who aren’t fully aware of the potential of the best essential oils. The most common oils that everyone should store in their medicine cabinet are:

  • Peppermint – Peppermint oil is highly useful for improving muscle and joint pain. Additionally, it relieves digestive problems, lessens fevers, augments bronchitis and asthma, clear sinuses, and relieves headaches.
  • Lavender – Lavender oil is helpful in healing cuts, stings, burns, and rashes. It also lessens anxiety by promoting restful sleep.
  • Tea Tree Oil – This oil possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties and this oil is useful in preventing and reducing infections. It also cleans the air of allergens and pathogens.
  • Frankincense – Frankincense oil lessens inflammation, lessens scars, heals bruising, and endorses your emotional well-being.

Processes of using essential oils

There are different techniques of using essential oils and some are described below:

  • Compress – In this process, the essential oil gets diluted in one liquid carrier, like oil or water before being applied on the affected portion. You can also use optional cold or heat for application. For instance, you can add some drops of ginger essential oil in hot water and mix for dispersing the oil. After this, you can soak a piece of cloth in the solution before placing it on the stiff joint.
  • Gargle – For gargling, you must add some drops of this oil to water. After this, you must mix the solution to gargle and then spit it out. However, do not ever swallow it. For instance, a drop of tea tree oil in one full glass of water can be used for the purpose of gargle and it would relieve you from sore throat discomfort.
  • Massage – For the purpose of massage, you can add some drops of these oils to a natural carrier oil for applying on the skin areas. After this, you must rub the portion gently. However, you must be mindful that massage blends shouldn’t be over 1% concentration of essential oils and it is suited for adults. Again, for children, the concentration shouldn’t cross 0.25%. A 0.5% concentration is ideal for toddlers who are aged 6 months-2 years.And, 1% concentration is suitable for children of 2 years and older than them.

Treating kids’ problems with essential oils

Anxiety is viewed as one of the serious problems that most of the kids do struggle with. Kids’ anxiety results in other problems that affect their focus and can also leave a negative impact on their sleeping habits. Assisting kids in learning to recognize their emotions is considered the initial step in refining their emotional intelligence. Additionally, it also aids them to deal with emotions, like anxiety and anger.

Nonetheless, when your kid happens to be in the middle of one “moment” then too these oils do largely help. The calming oils for kids help kids to deal with anger, anxiousness, and hyperactivity. Actually, essential oils are an easy-to-use, practical and natural solution that can help in calming kids who are struggling with anxiety and anger. However, the essential oil can also leave a negative effect on kids which can even result in poisoning.