With the advancement in technology, we have seen a broad array of development which has led to technology playing an important role in our lives. We are controlled by the internet and the gadgets around us. Computers and laptops happen to be one of the most important aspects of our daily routine and almost all of our work is done on these devices. But, a day without these can lead a lot of tension and trouble. It causes loss of work. What would you do if your laptop broke down and you had an urgent meeting the next day? You do not need to go to a repair center anymore because we at Housejoy provide you with the latest laptop repair options and home computer services to make it easy for you to get your machine fixed. We provide you with service providers to get your laptop repaired and avail several other home computer services during your troubled times. Being an aggregator, we connect you to third party service providers and engineers who are trained and have an expertise in the field of home computer services and laptop repair to provide you with the best quality results.

We keep a check on all the service providers and maintain a record of their background and family histories with a thorough background check to make sure that you and your family are safe. Apart from the safety check, we also make sure that all the providers and engineers appointed by us are properly trained and certified to perform home computer services and laptop repairs. This means that only qualified personnel are allowed to repair your laptops and other machines. We make sure that the services are provided properly and in case there is any discrepancy and the issue recurs within seven days, we cover it under our seven day guarantee and get the repair work done free of cost. We offer a vast catalogue for home computer services which include:

  • Hardware replacements including hard disk, RAM, keyboards, mouse etc.
  • Software installations
  • Monitor repair and replacement
  • Power issues
  • Internet connectivity and hardware problems
  • Security and anti-virus protection
  • Battery replacement
  • Window installation

Our main aim is to provide customer satisfaction and to deliver the best results when it comes to laptop repairs and home computer services. We offer the latest technology and experience professionals to help you with your computer problems and also make sure that the delivered products match the industry standards. We provide affordable services with a very transparent pricing policy according to which there are no hidden charges and you only have to pay the upfront amount that too after the repair work is complete and you are satisfied. In case of any hardware charge, the same has to be paid to the service provider physically.

All this is done via a simple process of registration with all the details and the problem of the machine following which we decide a time and place according to your convenience. Once this is done, we visit your residence and repair your machine.