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It is not uncommon for men to experience the occasional inability to perform sexually. However, when the occasional problem turns into a chronic challenge, it may be time for men to seek medical help from their doctor. If you are concerned about getting the best level of help while also having your privacy safeguarded, you may want to seek out discreet treatment for your frustration, embarrassment, and ED in St. Augustine FL. You can find out what might be causing the issue and what it can take to help you overcome this dysfunction.

Learning about the Underlying Reasons for ED

A big part of overcoming this problem involves learning what is causing it in the first place. As you can find out online, this form of dysfunction can occur from a host of issues including obesity, prescription medications, diabetes, and anxiety. Rather than take a guess about what might be causing yours, you may find it better to explore the services on the website and then make an appointment with the medical provider.

Your doctor can thoroughly examine you and order tests to determine what might be causing your ED. Once you know the underlying factors behind your dysfunction, you can then move onto treating it so that you can once again enjoy a normal sex life.

Treatment Options

Depending on what is causing your issue, you may undergo any number of treatments designed to ease or eliminate ED. For example, if yours is caused by obesity, you may be advised to go on a low-calorie and low-fat diet as well as increase your daily exercise. By losing weight, you may regain your normal sexual function.

If it is caused by diabetes or taking prescription medications, you may be given a new medication regimen or taken off certain medicines that are linked to ED. If you change your medicines, you may need to be watched closely to ensure that this switch of medications does not adversely affect the rest of your overall health.

Other treatment options include going through therapy to address mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, or fear of commitment. Your therapist may coordinate your care with your doctor so that both providers can devise the best plan of treatment for you. With proper attention and continued support, you may regain your ability to perform sexually and overcome your ED.