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It doesn’t really matter whether you are a body builder or a normal person, who does workout daily one thing that every person craves for is the growth of muscles. Everyone wants their muscles to be built as soon as possible so that they can flaunt their body. Moreover, muscles gives you strength, vitality and makes you look young than your actual age. More muscles mean lower body age.

We have seen that a lot of people use different kind of techniques to increase their muscle growth. However, here we will tell you about a few fast muscle growing techniques with which you can bulk up your body really quickly. Here are the techniques you should go for:

Use High Calories diet

These days, every body builder or athlete thinks that their body muscles only rely on the protein amount they take. No doubt that protein plays a big role for your body muscles to grow, but one of the biggest factors affecting your muscle growth is your calories intake. We have seen that people usually don’t care about their calorie intake and only depend upon the protein they are taking in.

Taking a good amount of calories in your daily diet is really important for bulking up your muscles. You need to multiply your weight with 10 to know the daily intake of calories for your body and then add an extra 1500 calories in it for best results.

Eat plenty of Carbs and proteins

To grow your muscles eating a lot of carbohydrates diet is really necessary. If you will take a good amount of carbs in your diet you wouldn’t crave for proteins for more energy levels. Carbohydrates play a huge role in release of insulin, which is known to be the most potent anabolic hormone.

Proteins as we all know are the building blocks of our body. We should take double the amount of protein from our body weight. For example, if you are weighing 70 kg your daily protein consumption should be around 125-140gms. That protein you can take in the form of beef, fish, chicken, whey etc. Make sure you are taking good amount of proteins.


Supplements always act as the best companion for a bodybuilder or for an athlete. It helps you out to complete your diet and add the muscle growth that you require. It depends upon you, you can take only protein powders, carbs, multi vitamins, anabolic gainers, mass gainers or you can go for steroids, which will definitely show you instant results if you are doing daily exercises. Make sure you are taking the right dosage of these supplements for the best results.

Eat good pre & post workout meals and take good amount of water

For building up your muscles make sure that you take a great amount of pre workout meal, that means that you should eat energy build ups only which will help you in your workout too. You can take rice and other carbs with good amount of protein, which will keep your blood sugar levels consistent and your food will not be converted into glucose easily.

In your post workout meal make sure you take enough protein, which will directly affect your muscle growth and you will see the change. Adding on to this make sure you drink good amount of water, which is also an essential part to make your muscles grow big.


To get more detailed information as per your body, go to steroidsfax and get the best supplements according to your body shape. Always remember that you should not consume the supplements all at once. Most of the supplements should be taken according to the cycle and stacking period.