If you want to earn big in the health industry, you will find that most people will tell you to become a doctor. If you do not have it in you to become a physician however, do not despair. There are a few other medical career options that pay really well without you having to become a doctor.

It has been predicted that the health sector is to experience quite a lot of growth in the coming decades. With this information, it is a good idea for you to choose a career in the medical field, if you are aiming for a high paying job that offers you a lot in terms of options, and job security. Here are some of the non-physician options that you can choose from:

Radiation Therapist – this job is expected to see a 24 percent growth in the next ten years, and is a specialized field that requires a minimum of an associate’s degree for entry level jobs. However, this website will show you how to get a bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy which will qualify you for more advanced positions. Those who get into this line of work will be tasked to take care of administering radiation treatments to those with cancer. Median salary of radiation therapists is at $77,000.

Physician Assistant – sometimes called PAs in the medical field, those who choose this job will find themselves working with a team of other medical practitioners, and under the guidance of physicians and/or surgeons. To be able to qualify for this post, a master’s degree and graduate training is required. It is predicted that there will be a 38 percent growth in this position, and those who get to become PAs can expect a median salary of around $90,000.  Tasks include examining patients, coming up with a diagnosis for illnesses and injuries, as well as providing treatment.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – whether you are an anesthetist nurse, a midwife nurse, or a nurse practitioner, you can expect a median salary of around $96,000. Of course, in order to qualify for such a lofty pay, you need to have the experience and the master’s degree for it. As an APRN, you are expected to give patients the specialty health care that your degree entails. Aside from your degree, you also need to have a license for the state you are practicing in and you also need to pass a certification exam. This job is seen to enjoy a 31 percent growth in the next decade.

Pharmacist – dispensing medications according to the prescriptions that you get can help you earn around $116,000 annual median salary. While employment growth for this non-physician medical job is not as high as the others at 14 percent in the next ten years, it is an attractive post to aim for. It is not easy to become a pharmacist however since you will need to not only have a Pharm. D. degree, but also a state license that can only be had by passing two licensure exams.