People have never really put much thought into their blinds and other window treatments. They are just there, they are convenient, and they can add a touch to the overall décor. But did you know that they actually offer some tremendous benefits as well?

Protecting from the Sun

The sun is a wonderful thing that helps to keep us warm and provides us with vitamin D. However, it also creates a glare that can be detrimental to the overall health of our eyes. Not just that, it has the potential to destroy our furniture, drying out leather and wood, and changing the colors of our fabrics. By installing blinds, you avoid all of these issues.

Saving Money

Then, there is the fact that blinds actually help you to save money. How often do you run your air conditioning unit during the summer? Or switch your heating on during the winter? When you have blinds installed, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Vertical blinds in particular are excellent insulators and will help to keep the temperature in your home more constant, thereby reducing the need for both air conditioning and heating. And you save the planet a little bit at the same time.

Health Benefits

Then, there are health benefits as well. We already mentioned that the sunlight that comes in through your window can cause a glare that is detrimental to the health of your eyes. This is actually quite a bit thing. When your eyes are damaged by the sun, you will develop headaches. Your eyes will also become uncomfortable and irritated, and this can actually significantly lower your overall quality of life. In fact, people with recurrent or chronic eye problems often report suffering from depression as well.

Another health benefit is only found if you invest in some good quality blinds. A lot of people choose PVC because it is really cheap. However, some really cheap models, particularly the ones you purchase from unregulated countries, can ‘off gas’, which means they release nasty chemicals in your home.

Most of us never really think about the various things our blinds do for us, but we should. They aren’t just a piece of dust collection that happens to cover our windows. Rather, they do a whole lot for us, and they actually play an important role in protecting the planet. You do, of course, have to look after your blinds properly as well. If you do let them get really dusty or dirty, they will start to spread allergens throughout your home, which can cause breathing difficulties, particularly in people who are already asthmatic. However, good quality blinds usually need nothing but a brief rub down with a damp cloth in order to stay clean.

Next time you consider what to do with your windows, spare a thought for blinds. There is a good reason why these have been around for thousands of years, after all. Make sure you do a bit of research so that you get the best possible blinds out there.