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Are you satisfied with your weight? Do you want to lose some body fat? When you was 20, you could have answered Yes/No for the two questions, but it is likely that today both answers are opposite.

There exists a really big number of efficient and not-so-efficient ways to lose weight. However, increasing the level of growth hormone in the body — either naturally or through taking recombinant HGH — is perhaps one of the most efficacious ways.

How Does HGH Work

HGH promotes metabolism and enhances oxidation of free fatty acids, which helps decrease body fat lose weight

A growing scientific evidence shows that human growth hormone can help reduce total and abdominal body fat in the body and, through that, decrease weight. How does HGH achieve it? Firstly, one of the functions of growth hormone, which is produced by our pituitary gland, is to accelerate metabolism. In turn, the higher level of metabolism is directly connected with burning calories and losing weight. Besides, human growth hormone promotes oxidation of free fatty acids, which intensifies the processes of fat burning.

How To Increase the Level of HGH

You can increase the level of HGH using two options: employing ways of boosting its natural production and taking artificial growth hormone. Or you can combine them.

Thereare two major ways of increasing the level of human growth hormone in the body and, therefore, losing weight.

  1. Naturally. Growth hormone is produced naturally by our pituitary gland, and there are various ways to boost its natural production. Some of these ways include: getting enough sleep (as the pituitary gland produces HGH most intensely during deep phases sleep), doing high-intensity training, and trying intermittent fasting.
  2. Artificially. Alternatively, you can increase the level of HGH through taking artificial growth hormone, either with injections or HGH supplements (pills, sprays, etc.). Although synthetic growth hormone might have its side effects, such as joint pain or fluid retention, taking it will most likely be effective for weight loss.

The Role of Balanced Diet

Do you need to balance your diet while taking HGH to achieve more efficient weight loss? It is not necessary, but it might be helpful.

While it might sound hard to believe, but HGH can help you lose weight even without diet restrictions. Even without changing their diet habits, an individual might achieve fat loss because of the mechanism of HGH work.

However, if you decide to balance your diet and aim for healthier nutrition, it can give nice synergy with HGH functions and allow for even greater weight loss. So, in order to promote weight loss even more, you might want to:

  • Decrease the level of sugar you eat.
  • Limit the amount of carbs you take.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Make your food portions slightly smaller.
  • Drink more water.

If you both balance your diet and use HGH, it is very likely than you will be able to proudly answer Yes/No when being asked the questions with which we started this article.