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In recent years, it seems like the most reported topic in the news is healthcare. It has taken over the headlines in print, on television, on the radio and even on talk shows. Obamacare was meant to ‘fix’ all the issues Americans were having but that soon became a talking point all its own and in the end, nothing was solved, healthcare is just as expensive (more so in many cases!) and it is now difficult to find insurance providers willing to sign on to the Affordable Care Act, ACA. The best hope for the future is a higher focus on home healthcare which really is our future if you want an honest assessment going forward through the 21st Century. The point is, Obamacare failed and failed miserably.

Why Home Healthcare?

The first reason why the system is so overburdened is the fact that we are, simply put, lacking in qualified doctors and nurses. In fact, we are so short staffed in many areas of the country that medical professionals are offered perks for practicing in those areas. Some are given scholarships towards their medical degrees and others are given sign on bonuses much like those offered to pro athletes. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to it than a shortage of qualified medical professionals.

Cost Is a Huge Issue

When it comes to a patient in need of treatment within a facility, be it a hospital, a hospice or a long-term living or recovery facility, the cost is beyond even being unaffordable. For this reason, the families of a growing number of patients are seeking in-home services for those patients not requiring life support of some form or another. Nurses can make their rounds daily to give IV injections, check the vitals of their patients and a home healthcare aid can ‘sit’ with the patient at a cost much less than the daily cost of a hospital room. Many insurance companies are now offering payment of home healthcare services for almost the first time in history!

Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands

Knowing that hospitals are understaffed, leaving those on duty overworked, many consumers now believe it’s time to take their own health into their own hands. Home healthcare services provided by agencies such as BrightStar Care Delray Beach give patients the best of both worlds. They get trained professionals on a level necessary to their care but families and the patients themselves have a say in what their treatments consist of. Yes, all is done under the supervision of an attending physician if necessary, but again, the patient and his or her family can choose how that patient is treated, when and for what duration.

Whether it is cost or the quality of care you are looking to receive, there is a growing trend towards home healthcare. It really is the future and something every ambulatory patient should consider. Being in one’s home environment is more conducive to recovery and if cost is an issue, it is certainly cheaper than round the clock services at an overpriced medical facility. Home healthcare is the future and the future is here now. If you are in need of services, help is out there. Check it out before checking yourself in.