The history of Ayurveda traces back to more than 5,000 years. Some herbs are so potent that they have been recognized by the Vedic tradition of India since times immemorial. These anabolic agents are known for resisting ill-health and bring back the body balance. The tablet forms of these performance boosters are known as Rasayanas. These are formulations for conferring youthfulness and to cure diseases.


Tablet form of these anabolics

This particular anabolic has been noted to be anadaptogen, which implies that it helps the body cope with the damaging effects of anxiety and stress. Therefore, the popularity of these performance boosters has risen. The herbs have been appreciated as a way to help people cope with the life in the modern times and it continues to grow. Even though this herb has been used to traditionally treat ulcerations and carbuncles, it has also been known to improve the physical and mental well-being of an individual. It is believed that these anabolic agents enhance the production of cortisol in the body. This not only helps reduce stress levels in a person, but also makes their ageing process slower. This belief is supported by research studies, which go to show that this herb helps reduce the levels of cortisol in the body by up to 25 to 26%.

The tablets and women’s health

Women are now resorting to the use of the extracts of the roots of this potent nootropic. Certain people report that it may help reduce the effects of the changes due to menopause in women and balance the mood by reducing the occurrence of hot flushes in women. Additionally, women are also turning to the tablet form of this herb in order to reduce the pain that results from menstrual cramps. Furthermore, there are indications that it can help improve the fertility of a person. The primary function of these fitness boosters is to help bring the body balance back in a person and help them to maintain their health.

How to use these supplements

Some nootropics are used to make medicines from them. If you want to know how to use this supplements, then you should understand that it needs to be simply taken in certain doses. It can be used as an adaptogen in order to combat stress and as a tonic to improve the health. You should, however, not confuse Ashwagandha with Physalisalkekengi since both are known in English as the “winter cherry.” You can use these anabolic agents to improve your memory, mental strength, against arthritis, sleeping troubles, anxiety, to treat leukoderma or vitiligo, etc. You can also use it to reduce the pain and the swelling that results from certain health conditions. It can also be consumed in order to treat backache, heal skin wounds, and to treat one-sided paralysis. You could even use to treat fibromyalgia, chronic liver disease, menstrual problems, and the other problems related to it. It could also help in reducing the effects of ageing and act as an anti-aging compound. You could even use it to treat fertility problems and to increase the sexual desires in a person.