UntitledThere are no words by which motherhood can be described. The feeling of holding the baby for the very first time is beyond words. Parenting comes loaded with ample responsibilities and sensitive handling of babies. After feeding it’s the bath time, which comes challenging for new mothers as they are not aware of how to handle the baby, while giving him a bath and the fear of water getting in his eyes, nose and mouth is definitely not your cup of tea.

Understanding your needs, Babaoye the leading online store for baby shopping online India presents its wonderful range of baby bath tubs which will not only make your work easier, but will also help in transforming the process of bathing  into a pleasurable experience. For your convenience it is made from polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomeric material which is free from PVC, BPA, heavy metals and other harmful materials are avoided thus ensuring complete safety for your cutie pie.


These bath tubs are easily folded so that you can manage easy storage along with convenient mobility. A wonderful product all the way from different brands that are well known for putting forward quality and world-class products for kids.With a drainage plug you can easily clean and keep it dry for future use. It has a non slip bottom, good enough to help you to handle baby’s tantrums.

With chilling wind in the morning and frozen nights,common colds are, but natural and is something new mothers always worried about. Indeed,it’s a matter of worry as the baby fall prey to common cold very soon and often. They need to be kept cozy and warm around the clock and to meet your warmth needs, Babyoye has put forward range of fleece baby blanketsthat will keep your baby cozy and warm.

It is soft and gentle which helps in perfect wrapping of the new born. With the widerange from branded companies and for sure you will not run short of color. You will find thesebaby blankets in blue, pink, orange, green, yellow, orange white. The color list is endless. These single layer blankets are your baby’s first wrap soon after his bath. Wrap him in a blanket so that he remains warm throughout the day. It is tailor made for wrapping baby and the astounding quality is that being a light weight it is easy to fold and carry.

Apart from bathtubs and blankets, itsBaby fits online India, which will take good care of toddlers.With so much exciting range of baby accessories, it’s amazing to go through those wonderful; and eye catching designs in various categories. Babyoye, the leading baby shopping online Indiastore has made all the necessary items available to you under a single umbrella and that too in a reasonable price.