How To Fix A Broken Relationship: 11 Ways To Repair It

Our relationships are under increasing pressure these days. Our faith in each other, faith in God and our broader faith in humanity is being tested time and time again.

Many people reach out for professional help from relationship counselors in order to try and fix their issues. Trust is usually a huge factor when relationships are under pressure and so open and honest conversations about how you and your partner are feeling are part of the healing process.

For many people however, relationship counselors or licensed therapists are not an option due to cost and availability. There is hope however in the form of an alternative that is starting to get a lot of recognition in the industry – peer counseling.

What is peer counseling?

Peer counselors are otherwise ordinary people who have exceptional emotional intelligence and empathy – they are hired and trained specifically because of these qualities. They are there to listen to you and/your partner to offer their perspective and tell you their story in order to help you deal with whatever is on your minds.

Many peer counselors have experienced deep rooted relationship issues and so have extensive experience of the types of situations that can arise. Everyone’s relationship is of course different and special in its own way, but listening to the experiences of people who have gone through certain situations before can be hugely helpful when trying to navigate the best way to understand how you can repair your relationship.

How peer counseling can help your relationship

A peer counselor doesn’t diagnose mental health conditions, they are there to listen to you and/or your partner, share their perspective and experience and help equip you with tools and techniques to make your lives easier.

Being able to share the burden of your responsibilities with a kind, empathetic peer counselor can be enormously helpful.

Places like Peer Collective allow you to choose peer counselors who best suit your and/or your partner’s needs. You can choose by gender, identity, sexuality, ethnicity and look at the type of background that each individual has so that you can find someone who will be really able to help them.

One of the great things about peer counseling is that it costs much less than relationship or couples counseling. A licensed therapist will cost upwards of $150/hr whereas a peer counselor costs $28/hr – and your first 60 minutes at Peer Collective is 100% free.

Why peer counseling might be right for your relationship

Peer counseling doesn’t necessarily replace therapy or professional counseling services – but it does provide immediate access to a safe, objective space for you and/or your partner to share problems and issues with someone who is trained to listen and help.

At Peer Collective we are seeing a huge rise in clients with relationship issues who attend regular sessions with our peer counselors to work through what is on their mind. They check in with our counselors about everyday relationship stuff as well as serious mental health issues. Our peer counselors are prepared for all of it. 

Please come and visit Peer Collective today for an affordable, accessible alternative to relationship counseling services.