Physiotherapy can help patients to recover following the contraction and treatment of Covid-19. Professional clinical physiotherapists are trained to optimise the health of their patients both during the recovery process and moving forward into the future. Those who have suffered Covid-19, severe respiratory issues or for patients who are hunting for a means to keep themselves as safe and preventative as possible will benefit from physiotherapy. Here is how physiotherapy can help patients to prevent and recover from Covid-19…

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

This form of physiotherapy involves many different components, including teaching patients breath techniques through tailored exercises, stretching and mobility exercises, postural alignment and mobilisation movements. All of these treatments are aimed at optimising lung and respiratory function both during times of risk and well into the future. These techniques are all very important for those who are recovering from Covid-19, those who are suffering similar respiratory challenges or for anyone who’s wanting to ensure that they are as protected as possible. Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is brilliant to practice both during this pandemic, and outside of it in the future. You can work with your professional to develop home exercise programs that you can practice in your own time.


Education is a huge aspect of staying safe and healthy. Physiotherapists also hold a wide span of knowledge in regards to general wellbeing and concerning the prevention of contracting or transmitting Covid-19. Some recommended health strategies, systems to put in place and general advice might include…

Activity: You’ll get tailored advice as to how you should move forward with your physical activity. Exercise and movement are part of a healthy lifestyle but should be performed slowly and cautiously following illness or injury. Your physio will help to guide you in the best, safest manner possible.

Rest and Sleep: Sleep and rest are essential to maintaining a healthy and responsive immune system. Your physiotherapist will help to ensure that your sleep is comfortable and restful with aligned posture.

Mindset: Isolation and social distancing for long periods of time can take a real toll on your mental state and overarching mindset. A physio can help to advise how best to stay mentally active and healthy during these difficult periods.

Lifestyle: Your lifestyle moving forward needs to be as healthy as it possibly can be in order to protect yourself and those around you. Nutrition, hydration and breathing exercises are all elements that your physio can advise you on.

Ongoing Healing

Physios will help to ensure that you are healing in an effective manner moving forward. Ongoing health and healing will prevent any other health issues or sensitivities that might arise after recovering from Covid-19. The condition’s unpredictability and rapid contraction rate makes it all the more important to focus on your ongoing healing process after you have come out the other side. Your physiotherapist can work with you to fully recover and care for your ongoing health well into the future.

Holistic Health

Physiotherapy is so effective for so many different conditions and diseases because it focuses on holistic health and treatment. The multi-disciplinary approach to recovery contributes to optimised wellbeing, leading to a better and more mobile lifestyle down the line for absolutely anyone who undergoes physiotherapy treatment. For patients who are seeking treatment to best recover from Covid-19, holistic health and a whole body and mind approach to wellbeing is key to a full and effective recovery.

Contact health professionals or speak to a local physio at Evoker for further information regarding patient recovery from Covid-19.