There are several aspects to fitness. Muscle helps with weight loss and reduces the impact on joints. Here are a few ways to boost stamina, endurance and get strong while working out.

Workout tips:

1. Combining cardio and strength training: Working as many muscle groups together as possible will help in increasing the heart rate and make the cardiovascular system stronger. Don’t do just cardio on some days and weights on others. Combine them to save time and build stamina. An idea for such routines is to use a jump rope for one minute, do squats, work on the overhead press and then do sit ups. Repeat 3 times.

2. Reduce rest times: Most people take 30 seconds to 90 sometimes to recover between sets. If the goal is to build endurance, reduce the break time or give it up altogether. Muscles should burn – the general idea is to take a break only if it is physically impossible to go on. Do sets of 10 each of pull-ups, squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Do 3 rounds back to back.

3. High-intensity and fast paced lifting: Try to lift weights as fast as possible to improve strength and endurance. This will help to rev up the metabolism. Too much of one thing like endurance training only leads to a slower metabolism and can lead to injuries.

4. Compound movements: This is a better idea than doing exercises in isolation. Compound moves use quite a few joints like step-ups, push-ups and squats and help to increase endurance. Exercises done in isolation are usually not as stimulating and take longer to do.

5. Giving up routine: Routine can be quite boring and an interest killer. Switch up your workout routine to stay motivated and interested. In keeping with the theme, changes in routine are not only challenging but also great to build stamina, strength and endurance. Experts contend that the body gets used to a workout routine in as little as 2 weeks. If running is what interests you, try taking up Mixed Martial Arts classes instead. For those who love to go cycling, running up stairs may be an option to consider. Doing different things can also be motivating and keeps the mind fresh.

6. Hybrid exercise: This again refers to combining different elements – do a squat with an overhead press. Jumping jacks and pull-ups, bicep curls and lunges together are great hybrid exercises. The idea is to take separate movements and put them together so that the brain and muscles get fired to work in concert. The more muscles that work in a movement, the more the cardiovascular system is stimulated, leading to improved stamina.

7. Explosive Movements: These require a lot of energy and challenge a person in different areas. Doing these exercises helps a person to move faster and become lighter on their feet. Burpees, jumping knee tucks, push-ups and box jumps are great additions to a workout routine.

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