3 ways to keep fit and healthy indoors if you're stuck at home ...

If you aren’t exactly the world’s most dedicated gym bunny, instead opting for a life of returning home from the 9-5 each evening to sit on the couch and eat more treats than a herd of hungry raccoons could mow through in a month-long unsupervised banquet, you’ll get to a mental point. That point may be when your jeans don’t fit. That point may be when the half sit-up required to get out of bed in the morning is replaced by a sideways roll off the bed and into a heap. Or it may come from aches and pains that just won’t go away (find a chiropractor in your area). Whatever the catalyst that kick starts your desire to shape up, you’ll probably want to start at home to build a base of fitness before venturing out in public to jog or workout in front of people. Understandable.

Small gains are still gains

The last thing you should attempt to do is buy into some unachievable workout regime – you know the sort, sold on infomercials late at night, showing how “Sarah” and “Donnie” may be in their 60s but they have the bodies of a 21-year-old after following the NAVY SEAL workout DVDs. Yeah. You’ve never worked out a day in your life. Let’s do what the SEALs do. That’ll probably work. No. What you need isn’t some fantastic list of reverse lunges and burpees and mountain climbs (whatever they are). You need press-ups on your knees. 30 of them. And squats. 30 of them. And tricep dips using your sofa. Three sets of eight of those. Repeat over the course of 30 minutes and you’ll have earned that shower.

Run, Forest. Run!

Again, beginning your fitness regime is going to be a shock to your system. You are going to hate it, and the only way you’ll stick at it is if you are angry enough at your current situation. Who looks back at you in the mirror? Someone who could march up to their crush and confidently say “Hi, I love your style, this is weird but, you’re obviously an expert, do you think I’d suit blue? See, I’ve got this whole family wedding coming up…” OR does the person looking back at you in the mirror have the rock bottom confidence of someone who has never been to a wedding because they can’t get a date? 20-30 minutes. Jogging. 5x per week. You can do this.