Since the quarantine started in early 2020, all companies have found themselves in a difficult situation — to leave the workflow until the end of a lockdown or switch to a remote way of working. For some of them, the answer was obvious because the term “remote work” is used in many companies not only in theory but also in practice. Nevertheless, it became difficult to work from home, sign pdf documents, and communicate with colleagues.

Taking all work at home is not easy. It should be understood that a home is still not a workplace, and it is harder to concentrate on a smooth workflow. After all, many employees are stuck in quarantine with a family, which constantly distracts from work. So, to focus more on your workflow and tasks, it would be nice to have an organizer or other online assistant. According to Psychology Today, it is very important to have a daily reminder or some kind of organizer for work. It will help to keep your thoughts on the right track and not forget about all the tasks that you have to complete.


But this year, it is no longer relevant to use paper organizers. Moreover, which organizer will be able to remind you of an event or a Zoom call? Besides, no reminder will sign the documents for you online. Luckily, SignNow is always at your disposal. And in this review, you can learn how to use this online service correctly to improve all business processes and speed up your workflow.

SignNow Review 

SignNow service is a unique website for optimizing all online workflows. It will help you not to forget about all the duties and be more productive. The portal invites you to use such tools as:

  • Personal organizer. You can plan events and decide whom else to add to your account. You can add other people simply using a link.

  • Tool for signing documents. You need to quickly sign a paper or PDF document but don’t have an Internet connection? No problem. SignNow allows for the quick and easy signing of any type of documents offline.

  • Constructor for official documents. After you register on the server, you will have an unlimited archive of templates for compiling official documents.

  • A way to do personalized branding. You plan your schedule and arrange tasks as it suits you best.

  • Life Chat for communication with colleagues. No more confusing situations, because now, you can discuss tasks with colleagues right on the spot online.

  • Security for your data. All information, documents, and files that you upload to the site will be fully protected by the system. You have nothing to worry about.

  • Personal account for work. All the tools you need are in one place: on your computer or mobile phone. SignNow also offers to download its app so that, if necessary, you can quickly respond to assignments.

So, it is a platform that caters to a wide range of needs. The main advantage of this service is that you can use it as an independent entrepreneur or as a company employee. Moreover, if you work for a company or even own one, you will be able to easily control your staff representatives and distribute tasks to everyone remotely.

The platform is working in the following way:

  1. You register on the site. This first step on the way to excellent performance optimization will take a few minutes. You can register using your Gmail or Facebook account, and it will take even less time. After registration, the site provides you with access to your personal account. Upon signing in, you get a possibility to control all your actions and the activities of the team. The first seven days of using the service are free of charge. At the same time, you do not need to indicate your bank details. You check all the available features, and when seven days pass, you can choose the tariff that suits you.

  2. Each plan costs differently, ranging from $8 per month to $50. But these prices are low compared to the cost of the same tools offered by other service providers. The company knows it is the best; you can make sure of its advantages by using the function of comparison with other solutions, which is available right on the website.

  3. The second stage entails familiarization with the platform. If you have any problems at the beginning of working with the server, you can always contact the support representatives or watch videos or tutorials on how to use SignNow correctly.

  4. After you have got acquainted with the service and studied all the provided instructions, it’s time to start working. Add people who will work with you to your office. Assign responsibilities for each of them and set deadlines. You can also request payments through the service, but this option is available only in a certain prepaid plan.


Try Free SignNow Trial 

If you are still in doubt about whether the service is right for you, use the free test mode that lasts 7 days. During this time, you can understand whether this type of platform is suitable for you or not. SignNow always cares about its customers; so, it offers only those options that are convenient for them.