If you are a teacher and you are assigned with the job to teach your students more about the solar system and other elements available in the space, then you should always consider using the portable planetarium dome tent. These days, you can easily avail these portable planetarium dome tents in different shapes from Yolloy.net. They produce amazing range of portable planetarium dome tents that you can use at schools and at the outdoor locations in order to teach students about the different objects that are in space.

As far as the use of portable planetarium is concerned, these items are long been used by the teachers in order to offer their students more insights related to space and the objects that live there. Well, these items have first appears during 1970 and till then they have managed to attract both the teachers and students in many ways. These items have collected a very colorful history as well. The important of a portable planetarium at school or other educational institution cannot be ignored.


When it’s all about having a keen look at the night sky, these tents have managed to offer a great result. The good news is that now you can easily avail inflatable portable planetarium dome tents in cheap. It’s the Yolloy.net where you can easily find these tents that are coming in different design and styles. This allows you to choose the best tent for your school or educational institution where there is a need to lesson up students more about the extra terrestrial objects.


If you will look for the present world and the world that exists thirty years before, then you can find a huge difference. It’s the light pollution that has really affected the view of the night sky across the globe. Thirty years before people use to find a perfect and clear view of the night sky. But now this has become tough enough to get such a view. This problem is also faced by many amateur astronomers and students across the globe who want to research more about those interesting objects available in the space. Ask just any student now days about whether or not they have ever seen the Milky Way in the night sky! Most of them will say No. why? It’s the light pollution that has really restricted us from getting a perfect view of the night sky. Looking at these interesting elements with own eyes can really generate a great experience for us.


In order to make it possible now, Yolloy’s portable planetarium dome tents have come up with great features. These portable planetarium inflatable dome tents are made of anti-stretch fabrics. It takes less than fifteen minutes to set up such tent. They are durable and fireproof. For the teachers who don’t have the facility for permanent planetarium hall, these inflatable dome tents can make a huge difference for their teaching time. The inner portion of these inflatable dome tents is coated with the special materials in order to provide a perfect planetarium display for your students. Proper ventilation is also assigned for the dome tent and to set up this tent all you need to turn on that air blower as well as the air-curtain connection.