7 Ways to Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dealing with back pain can be one of the worst nightmares. Moreover, not all individuals prefer to take assistance from medication.

And if you fall into the same category then you certainly must be wondering “How to treat back pain without medication”

You would want to read all the suggestions to get rid of that annoying back pain without the involvement of medications or surgeries.

So, without any further due, let’s start with useful methods


1.    Incorporate Anti-Inflammatory In Your Diet

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods on regular basis can lead to the building of numerous antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents in your blood.

With time, these same agents tend to play a vital role in decreasing or even obliterating inflammatory reaction that occurs in the body.

Hence, consumption of such healthy drinks can contribute towards the reduction of your back pain

2.    Maintain A Healthy Sleep Schedule

Sleep is necessary not just for beauty but also for recovery of pain

When your body experiences a peaceful night’s sleep your backache will reduce as there will be less soreness the next morning.

So ditch the habit of endlessly scrolling through your phone at late night if you aim to feel refreshed and less pain in the back the very next day.

3.    Say No To Prolonged Static Posture

Paying attention to the joints and muscles of your hip and spine is immensely pivotal.

Follow the pointers below to prevent stresses being produced on these joints.

  • Excessive sitting should be avoided
  • Keep an eye on your posture, as unsupported posture can be the root cause of various problems which can cause or even intensify the pain
  • Prevent over fatigue of your muscles and joints by adhering to the rotation of activities. 

4.    Gentle Stretching And Yoga

You must already be aware of the endless benefits of yoga. So it being mentioned in today’s article must not be a shocker.

In context of backache, Yoga is an effective method for stretching your back, improving the muscles and joints health, enhancing both blood circulation and flexibility of the spine.

However, do remember to go easy on yourself with these stretches, began by slow and steady movements and then gradually walk your way to advanced movements only if you are comfortable enough to perform the same.

5.    Letting The Water Heal

For all the swimmers out there, we have a perfect therapy for you to get rid of back pain, water exercise classes and hydrotherapy pools.

Confused as to how can water help in such circumstances?

Well, the buoyancy of the water allows you to avail the benefits of exercise with little pain.

Moreover, water exercises enable you to regulate the functioning of muscles and nerves which further gives you relief from pain.

Water therapy exercises are normally performed in water that ranges from 83 degrees to 88 degrees. As for the Hydrotherapy pool, the temperatures are generally greater than 90 degrees.

Discussing about therapies, you can always approach places that can provide services to fulfil your needs.

For instance, Pick PT offers Rexburg physical therapy which is not only limited to back pain but also Hand/Wrist PT, Personal and Auto-injury, Balance/Dizziness and more.

6.    Heat Patch To The Rescue

Even though back pain can be ruthless but many of us don’t have the privilege of letting the work slide and just stay in the bed.

Thus, when in long drives or working in the office, heat patches that have the attribute to activate when in contact with the body are life saviours.

Such heat patch tends to be active pretty quick and can also be worn inside the outfit which means your back will receive constant heat, reducing the pain.

However, wearing the patch for a long period isn’t recommended as it can lead to skin damage.


We hope that you experience an immediate recovery from your back pain. Furthermore, these methods will act as a catalyst towards the healing process. Hence, try to apply all of them simultaneously and do not hesitate to opt for much-needed rest because at the end of the day your health and wellbeing should be your priority.