Using a TENS machine offers various health benefits including pregnant women. This tiny device emits a low-voltage to relive labour-related pain. Electrical simulation from the device stimulates spinal cord nerve pathways. This blocks pain transmission while releasing hormones that relieve pain. The skin has nerves for transmitting signals to the brain faster than those from the uterus. So, using the TENS device on the skin allows signals to reach the brain for pain relief.

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Keep this in mind before using the TENS machine

There is a possibility of some women feeling no magic from the device after regular use. It is very important to turn off the unit before removing the sticky patches. The device should be quickly put back for the next session when the woman begins to realise its having an effect. This device should not be used in water after getting out of the shower. It is important to first dry properly to avoid ending up with brown points.

Other considerations include

  • Not safe for those with epilepsy
  • Not suitable for use with a pacemaker or electronic implant
  • Testing the sticky devices on skin before labour for people with sensitive skin

When to use a TENS machine

In labour

You can use the TENS machine right from early labour. This requires applying the 4 sticky patches for the device on the back below the bra line and at the underwear line. You can use this device any time and as long as you like during labour. Keep some extra patches and batteries handy. On the lowest setting, using the device gives a light tingling sensation on the skin. For a surge, pressing the boost button ramps up the stimulation. At the end of the surge, pressing the boost button turns it off.

When labour intensifies turns up the baseline sensation for a stronger boost at each surge. Your partner can help control the TENS device to help you stay focused. This allows signalling when to boost and unboost. When the tingly sensation is uncomfortable at the earlier labour stage, keep it for use later during active labour. Online is the best source when looking to buy the TENS unit to give you immense relief from back labour. Using this device offers a higher satisfaction rate of about 82 percent.

Pregnancy itch

Using a TENS machine offers relief for pregnancy itch such as cholestasis. A 2015 study on severe itching conditions during pregnancy including liver conditions recommended using this device for a safe therapy. Medical professionals can recommend using the TENS device to get relief from cholestasis and the horrible itch when pregnant.

Caesareanincision pain

When looking forward to getting relief and healing from incision pain, using a TENS machine is a good idea. This is by applying it directly to the incision dressing area. Applying electrodes directly on the sacral and leg ulcer offers a significant improvement. There is a hypothesis that the TENS device increases blood flow to the problem area. This also happens when endorphins are released by the brain. There is the possibility of women using the TENS machine when wary about using various medications or opioids after caesarean.

Why use the TENS machine in labour 

Since you can buy this machine, you control how you use it by just pressing the button. Additionally, you manage the intensity of the feel by controlling the strength to your liking. The distracting sensation after pressing the button is also very helpful for pain relief. Electrical impulses from the TENS machine are effective during early labour ( These make the body release feel-good hormones, endorphins to relieve pain during labour.

Other benefits of this device include

  • Effective form of non-invasive pain relief
  • No restriction on moving during labour
  • Safe for the mother and baby without lasting effects
  • Works with other pain relief options including drugs
  • Easy for use anywhere any time

Where to buy a TENS machine

Buying your TENS machine allows getting relief any time you feel like. Luckily, you can purchase one online from a reputable store. Be sure to check that the device you are purchasing is fit for use during labour. Alternatively, talk to your doctor for recommendations on the ideal brand for you. The ideal TENS device comes with various preset programs for use at different stages of labour. Modern models allow frequency logs and length of contractions. you can have your partner to help you use the machine encouraging bonding.

Wrapping up

There are various reasons to invest in a TENS machine. You can move with this device for its portability for use whenever you feel like it. These devices come in various options and you can easily purchase one online. Using this device during labour offers relief for caesarean incision pain, pregnancy itch, and during labour. The investment in this device significantly pays off with the immense relief from all those issues.