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You do regular exercise, perform yoga and follow those wired diet programs. In fact, you try everything on the surface of this planet. But, your fat doesn’t seem to budge.

Obesity is among the most critical health issues people in the UAE are facing these days. If you don’t reduce your weight, you’re putting your health at a higher risk.

But, you should not worry even if you are overweight as worry doesn’t bring any solution, rather contributes to deteriorating the health condition.

Studies have found an effective way, called hypnotherapy, to manage weight. And a list of hospitals in Dubai, UAE is providing hypnotherapy treatment.

Let’s go through this blog post and understand what hypnotherapy is and how it can help you burn fat.


Hypnosis is an art, skill, associated with a state of human consciousness. It involves reduced peripheral awareness, focused attention, and a greater capability to respond to the suggestion, as Wikipedia defines it. Hypnotherapists in hospitals around the UAE are increasingly treating people for self-esteem, anxiety, or stress. Since these problems are associated with your overweight, hypnotherapy brings good results in weight loss.

This may sound like a dream come true. But, just sitting on a couch- while hypnotists working on your attraction – may help you maintain weight.  You may have several reasons to raise questions on this weird method that claims to help you lose weight. But, hypnotherapy can be your best treatment option after trying dieting and every other exercise under the sun.

Though not enough research is available on hypnotherapy, some valuable discoveries claim a close connection between hypnotherapy, and how it might help modify certain behaviors, thereby reducing weight.

As per the study conducted by International Journal of Clinical and Experimental, women who underwent hypnotherapy improved their eating habits, in turn, reduced their weight.

Moreover, British researchers, in their analysis, have clarified the direct link between hypnotherapy and the release of hunger peptides that regulate how full you feel.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy usually starts by putting the individual off to sleep. Initially, you may end up with disappointment by undergoing typical hypnotherapy. In the first meeting, your hypnotherapists would try to understand your triggers, your weight loss goal, and your body type. Once they know, you will be asked to be ready for the hypnosis session. During the session period, the hypnotist tries to balance the voice in your head.

Let me explain it in details.

The voice transmitted to your head is the same voice that can keep you away from any danger and assist you in making good decisions.

In general, hypnosis is turning down the volume of the emotional part and turning up the volume of your internal voice – the sound that stops you to act only on your sentiments. On successful completion of the session, you may end up instructing your brain not to act according to your desire and to eat something healthy. It doesn’t mean you won’t have cravings for something, but you don’t act upon them.

There not enough clarity on how effective the hypnosis for weight loss. But because there is are some research that proves that hypnosis breeds satisfactory results when it comes to losing weight.