For those who have got over cancer the next step is often to break their painkiller habit. A herb from South East Asia has been used for centuries in alleviating pain and coming off opiates. Today Kratom has been shown to be very good at both easing pain and tackling opium addiction.

Pharmaceutical cancer pain interventions

One of the worst things about cancer is the pain that comes with the tumours growing in your body. While taking chemotherapy to kill the tumours, doctors also prescribe some very strong opiate painkillers such as Oxycontin. Opiates are some of doctors’ favourite armaments in tackling pain, even though they are extremely addictive. In doctors’ eyes, the addictive side effects are worth the risk as long as their patients can be pain free.

Once people recover from cancer however, they often have a drug addiction that they find extremely difficult to shake. This can lead to people breaking the law by going to street dealers or leaning on their doctors for unnecessary prescriptions long after the cause of the pain has gone.


Kratom is the English name for the Mitrogynaspeciosa plant that grows in South East Asia. Related to coffee, you use it by drinking an infusion of the leaves as you might a cup of tea. The White strain can give you a similar jolt to coffee, meaning that while relieving the pain you have you can be a productive employee at your place of work.

In the early 1900’s the Thai government banned Kratom because it is so helpful in helping people crack their opium addiction. Thailand at the time had legalised opium and took taxes off the sale of the drug in opium dens and faced a collapse in its revenues!

The reason for the collapse in the opium tax revenues was that it can alleviate the effects of coming off opiates. One of the alkaloids in the Kratom infusion binds to the same nervesynapses in the brain as opium and while tackling pain it also stops the side effects of breaking free from opiates such as shivering and the flu like symptoms many call ‘cold turkey’.

There is also a safety valve in using Kratom – it makes you vomit if you use too much. This prevents overdosing as can easily happen with prescription pharmaceuticals.

Painkilling effects

Those who buy Kratom and use it will find three major varieties – red, white and green. For those suffering a lot of pain they can use the Red variety that also has a strong sedative effect. The Green lies between but for those needing to deal with pain yet also needing to function, they can use the White variety.

Unlike medical marijuana, Kratom is legal to use in the United States and much of Europe. This means that you can use it for your needs without fear of losing your job, yet also without the nasty side effects that comes with prescription pharmaceutical interventions.