This week is National Arthritis Week and with over 10 million people living with Arthritis in the UK alone it’s no surprise that it is one of the most commonly known diseases.

Arthritis can affect people of all ages, from children through to seniors, and has a detrimental effect on the flexibility and effectiveness of joints throughout the body. There are two main types – Osteoarthritis (OA), which affects about 8 million people, and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which affects around 400,000.

There are many different types of equipment which can make your life easier and enable you to live independently with arthritis. NRS Healthcare – specialists in disability equipment, mobility aids and rehab supplies – has produced a handy guide to help those with arthritis live a more independent life.

There is currently no cure for arthritis and, as it is a degenerative disease, anyone living with existing symptoms will gradually see them grow worse over time. As the disease progresses, they will also experience new symptoms. However, with early diagnosis, and by using effective treatments, the impact the condition has on your daily activities can be reduced. NRS Healthcare’s blog covers some of the most common symptoms which include:

  • Joint instability, pain and stiffness through worn cartilage
  • Joint swelling through the formation of osteophytes (bony spurs)
  • Hand and finger deformities such as swan neck and boutonniere
  • Deformities in the feet and toes affecting your range of movement
  • Fatigue and pain in the knees, hips, hands and spine

This week, make sure you support National Arthritis Week 12th – 18th October 2015