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It’s not just at the beach that we flaunt smooth skin. But in the beach, it’s even more essential that all your areas are hair-free. The end result is a feeling of sexiness and intimacy. It enhances every experience, including a beach holiday, wading in the ocean and spending time with your partner. When it comes to the bikini area, safe hair removal becomes even more important. Just like with other parts of your body, with the bikini area too, you have any number of choices for technique.

Waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, depilatory devices- all of them are options. They all come with their own problems. All these techniques can lead to painful ingrown hair, bumpy skin and rashes. Add to these dull blades, itchy skin, and too hot wax and you can see the problems increase. Waxing is painful as well! And in a bikini area, shudder- the pain can be quite unpleasant.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of the hair, do consider bikini laser hair removal. Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to take the step:

  • It will cost money, but not that much

Let’s not kid ourselves; grabbing a hair removal cream off the shelf and using it at home is way cheaper than other options, including laser treatment. Laser hair removal can be expensive, but you’d be surprised to know that it’s not much. Also, the long-term results are worth the payoff. Look for a facility that offers you competitive packages, based on your requirements.

  • The number of sessions varies

Depending on the coarseness and nature of your hair, you’ll need anywhere between three to eight sessions to remove the hair completely. These sessions will be spread across a few weeks. With each session, a percentage of hair is eliminated.

  • Laser hair removal works for everyone

It can be used on most any type of skin, but it works best on dark toned hair and fair skin. At the hands of a skilled technician, any skin can lend itself to laser hair removal. Skin is smoother through the year.

  • It’s a permanent solution for hair removal

Again, this depends on the nature of your hair. You might need a session or two for maintenance, after the entire process is done. But it definitely gives more lasting results than all your other hair removal techniques.

Laser treatment harnesses the power of controlled energy pulses. When the laser is trained on the hair, it goes down to the root of the hair, under the surface of the skin. This destroys the hair, without running the skin around it. Quick, efficient and virtually painless, laser treatment makes the most sense for the bikini area.

Depending on how much coverage your bathing suit offers or you choose for yourself, the technician will remove or keep the hair. You can remove hair from the bikini area and also the anal and peri areas, if you so choose. With bikini laser hair removal, you can be even more body confident.