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Horses have significantly shown their presence from old centuries till now. Most of the people think that horses are similar, but they may be wrong to get it. Well, there are many species of horses, and each one is known for their amazing abilities. Some of the people may think that what kind of abilities horses do have?

Well, it is all about their speed and their strength. The horses that race and the horses that are used for loading masses are different. It is hard to distinguish the breeds because there are many types and an ordinary person may not differentiate accurately. But, do you know that most of the horse species are about to extinct and many of them already gone.

So, this post will cover some of the best horse breeds that are no more and pour light on their specialties to learn the reason behind their popularity.

  1. Suffolk

Among all other species of horses, Suffolk is unique and has a significant presence in the past for their deeds. These horses have big butts, and you can easily differentiate these from others. Most of the people have used these for farming work, and these were highly used a long time ago when the other breeds were hard to access. It surely makes these one better from others.

The role is in farming, so these are known for their endurance and ability to pull excessive weight. It doesn’t matter that how hard you go, these horses are able to manage everything with ease. Well, the credit goes to their type because they are unique in all kind and the better one from others. However, these horses are about to extinct. Almost 800 or less Suffolk are alive, and you can’t find these anymore.

  1. American Cream

America is a big country with lots of horse’s species. If you have ever seen American Cream, then you may know that these are generally white and also called an old granny. It is the draft horse breed and popular in most of the states of US. Such things can make you prefer these horses over other one and rely on these. There is less than 100 American creams are alive around the world.

But, the American cream is not easy to find because these are only a few. If you are willing to ride these horses, then you have to search online and go through many places to see all the best one. Keep in mind that all the species mentioned in this post are rare and at the point of extinction. There was a time when American cream was high in demand due to their strength and abilities. You can check out TVG to know more about endangered horse species.

The Bottom Line

So, the above-given horses’ breeds and their reason behind popularity suggest that horses should be saved as soon as authorities can. Taking some actions and banning hunting is the simple way to stop the extinction. If you love to watch horse racing, then you can easily find the popular horses breeds there, but few of them are also in the list of extinction.

Instead of killing such breeds, taking some actions and trying to know the reason behind saving can help. Keep in mind that if these breeds get extinct, then the upcoming generation won’t be able to see these breeds in real life. They will have books and the internet to check out photos.