Anyone who has ever looked after aging parents will know that it is a thankless and often grueling task. There is certainly nothing glamorous about getting old and as tough as it is for you as a child or grandchild to watch the process from the outside, it is even tougher to endure for the person who is getting older. Slowly but surely everything starts to get tired and fail. The aged end up like babies, simply quite unable to take care of themselves. This may well place a big strain on the family which is why old age complexes with frail care are becoming increasingly popular. But some responsibility still falls to the family. Here are some basic tests and checks that you should schedule regularly to ensure that your old person is as comfortable as possible.

Keep an eye on the eyes

As old people become increasingly frail, they tend to spend more time at home reading or doing crossword puzzles. Watching television is another favorite as the sedentary lifestyle takes hold. But the joy that these activities bring can be horribly undermined if the eyes are not working as they should. The elderly can be prone to all sorts of eye ailments which can often be easily prevented. From cataracts to short-sightedness these are the type of conditions that can easily be managed by finding a nearby eye doctor South Yarra or Freemantle or any other area should have a few to choose from.

Hearing is important

Almost inevitably hearing starts to fail as people get older. Many won’t admit it, but most will need to get a hearing aid at some point. For some not getting one is a decision based almost entirely on vanity and denial. The reality is that they will have a much better quality of life if they do go the hearing aid route – they will be able to participate in conversations more easily, be less of a menace if they are still driving and be able to watch television at a socially acceptable level.

Simple cancers

There are certain cancers that are easy to check for and which are more likely to be found in the elderly. So, make a regular point of getting these checked out. Skin that has been exposed to a lot of suns over the years is a good example of something that is easy to check and solve and which is almost inevitably more of a risk for the elderly. The prostate is another one. It is easy to check – and the tests these days are a whole lot let invasive than they used to be. Stay on top of the situation to avoid nasty surprises.


People always tell their children that a visit to the dentist is required once every six months. As adulthood is reached those visits are probably less frequent – maybe once every two or three years. But they still happen. And they should continue to happen right up until death. Don’t allow your old person to stop their regular visits. Like so many other things that are affected by age, teeth do get tatty and they start to take the strain. So, stay on top of the dental situation and visit the oral hygienist or dentist at least once a year.