As a woman, you have been taught from an early age to dread menopause. When the term is associated with undesirable symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and weight gain, it’s no wonder. These aren’t desirable symptoms in any stretch of the imagination, but unfortunately as you get older they are inevitable.


While your mother and grandmother before you may have suffered through their menopause on their own, you don’t want to. You don’t have to either, as there is an affordable and safe therapy that can help you. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an effective defence against the worst of this transition, harnessing naturally occurring hormones found in the female body to lessen the intensity of menopausal symptoms. BHRT uses plant hormones to replace the hormones like estrogen and progesterone that your body will stop producing at the onset of menopause. These hormones are indistinguishable from the hormones that your own body used to create, making it much safe than those therapies that rely on synthetic hormones.

In order to see if BHRT is the right treatment for you, visit a reliable name in hormonal imbalance treatments. They will administer questionnaires and testing to see if you’re ready to try BHRT. These clinics will stay up-to-date with evidence-based studies and practices, basing their therapy on tried-and-true method. Check out to see how your Bioidentical Hormone Treatment is based on years of experience.

While menopause is a universal stage in every woman’s development, the way it affects you may differ from the way it touches another woman’s life. You may experience only some symptoms very severely, or you may experience all of them only faintly. That’s why you must have personalized care when you sign up for BHRT, taking advantage of nutrition counselling, stress management, and supplement options. With certified help from professionals, you’ll be able to create a comprehensive defence against menopause.

Regardless if your truly suffer under menopause’s symptoms or it’s simply an annoyance you’d rather not life through, BHRT has untold benefits. After you start your therapy, you’ll find that your energy levels sky rocket along with your mood and libido. You’ll decrease the severity of your hot flashes and risk of depression. You may even lose weight.

When you’re equipped with the right information and health care routine, menopause doesn’t have to be a scary and uncomfortable stage in your life. With the helpful support of caring professionals you can transform menopause into an exciting transitional period of your life, preparing you for your life beyond 50.