In case you are all set to give your chest muscles the power, strength and shape they have been craving for, you need to instantly start investing time and effort in a special set of chest exercises. These exercises are all set to make the muscles in your chest area stronger, more flexible and also sculpt them to your desire. These exercises are a complete upper body corrective activity which also positively influences the power and flexibility of the shoulder and arm muscles, giving them the edge and building your core upper body strength.

The Structure of your chest and its functions:

Before we get onto learning about the different exercise that will help render power and shape to your chest, it is important to learn about the different muscles in your chest and also their functions. The chest is predominantly a structure made out of two types of muscles.

While the first is referred to as the large pectoralis major, the second group of muscles is referred to as the pectoralis minor, which lay beneath the first. The first group of muscles are flat and thick and occupy a larger area, finally leading into a narrower space and merging with the upper arm muscles. On the other hand, the pectoralis minor is narrow and triangular in shape and finally works its way towards a bony intrusion, just beside the shoulder blades.

  • The pec major is vested with the responsibility of completing a number of functions, some of which include- lifting your arms in a sideway motion, referred to as adduction, lifting the arm from the front, referred to as flexion; turning the arm to a position where it reflects an arm wrestling motion, referred to as internal rotation, etc.
  • While the pec major is completely focused on the movement of the arms, the pec minor is dedicated to achieve just one major function. This function involves stabilizing the scapula and the pec minor does it brilliantly.

The three most common chest exercises out there:

There are three most common chest exercises that trainers have been training on for the last many years. There is a strict set that they start their chest exercise regimen with and end on the same. This routine includes four sets of each- flat flyes, incline dumbbell presses and flat bench. The reason that the routine is set and consistent for most training in chest exercises, is the consistent number of benefits that this set has been extending to them.

5 Chest exercises you must train with for powerful pecs:

No, doubt these exercises are very effective, but soon you hit the training plateau. The plateau is where you are doing everything right, reached a certain built, but there is no more progress. If you are aiming to pump things up around the chest and shoulder area, here is a list of 5 exceptionally well thought out chest exercises that will help you accomplish a ripped out upper body.

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  1. 180 Degree Twisting Dumbbell Chest Press-
  2. Close-Grip Weighted Push-Up
  3. Kettlebell Fly
  4. Forward-Leaning Dip
  5. Cable Crossover 21s

These exercises are the next step in the world of chest exercises. All of these exercises come with a twist and are designed to make things a tad bit more challenging for you. These exercises are best practiced with the guidance of fitness experts and professionals, until the time you get them right. Doing these exercises correctly and religiously, will not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but will also impart your upper body with the requisite strength, power and flexibility, for better functionality.