Many people are not aware of intestinal parasitic infections. In fact, many will suffer from this condition for years, before they discover live parasites in their stool or start to experience intestinal issues. If you are not familiar with parasites, you should definitely take the time to learn about them. These living organisms utilize nutrients from human and animal hosts, taking different forms and thriving in the body. Below, you discover several tips to help you get rid of the parasites living in your intestines.

Know The Risks

One of the first things you will need to do is learn the risks associated with intestinal parasites. There are many factors that put people at risk of coming into contact with parasites, such as amoebae, cryptosporidium, sarcocystis, giardia and toxoplasmosis. If you plan on visiting a developing country that is notable for poor hygiene and sanitation, you must avoid drinking from their water sources. Instead, stick with bottled water that can be purchased at grocery and convenient stores.

Parasites also spread through a shellfish, pork and contaminated foods. Avoid eating foods offered by street vendors, because such foods are sometimes improperly handled and cooked. Once the parasites enter your body, the best parasite cleanse will be needed to get rid of them.

Helminth Worm

Helminth worms, such as pinworms, tapeworms, threadworms and hookworms will enter the body through digestion of contaminated soil, water and food. These worms can also be found in animal and human feces. Hookworm larvae is highly known for entering the human body through the skim, especially between the toes of individuals who are know to walk barefooted outdoors.

Once you come into contact with the helminth worm, your immune system will come under attack. This means it will not be able to eradicate all of the parasites, leaving you at risk of a parasitic infestation.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Getting rid of parasites can be as easy as consuming foods and herbs that act as an anti-parasitic agent. Extra Virgin coconut oil is just one example, as it contains what is known as medium chain triglycerides. These triglycerides are capable of enhancing the immune system, so it will be able to combat the parasitic infestation more effectively.

Oregano oil, black walnut, ginger and wormwood contain anti-parasitic properties. You can add these to your diet or combine them with parasite cleanse supplements.

Fermented Drinks

Experts recommend fasting with fermented drinks that contain ginger, whey, coconut kefir, kombucha and apple cider vinegar. All of these fermented products work very effectively to destroy parasites. You may need to consume the fermented drinks for up to 21 days to eradicate all of the parasites in your intestines. If you do not like the task of the fermented beverage, you can always spice it up with a bit of lemon or honey.

Follow Up With Probiotics

Parasites can definitely take on the intestines. Once you complete your fermented diet, you should follow up with probiotics. These supplements are capable of destroying parasites and re-inoculating the intestines.