Around the end of March 2017, a team of scientists led by Professor David Sinclair made a huge leap towards developing a drug that will reverse aging. It’s but one of many studies that bring us closer to defeating the enemy that is the natural decline of health. However, while an ‘immortality pill’ isn’t here, you should take steps towards extending your lifespan with a few healthy lifestyle changes. There’s a variety of simple anti-aging tips for men that will help you remain strong, active, and healthy for many decades to come.

4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men Based on Science

1.      Always Wear Sunscreen

Those of you who still don’t believe that sunlight makes your skin age faster should check out this study on unilateral dermatoheliosis. However, you also need to understand that extended exposure to UV rays doesn’t only cause wrinkles. It also is the main cause of malignant melanoma (skin cancer).

The good news is that the damage caused by UV radiation is preventable. Therefore, you can minimize your risk of skin cancer as well as slow down photoaging and keep the wrinkles off your face. All you need for that is to apply sunscreen every 60 minutes you spend outdoors. You will also need to apply it every time you leave the house, regardless of the season. Installing UV-blocking films on your windows will help reduce the exposure while within the house.

2.      Consume Superfoods

Superfoods, are nutrient-dense products that might be called ‘nature’s steroids’. Note that it doesn’t mean they will give you super-strength. However, they will provide a big nutritional boost to your diet, and usually give you a huge dose of antioxidants.

The most common superfoods today are acai berries, maca powder, and flaxseed, but there are dozens others. Aging men should pay extra attention to maca as studies show that it can improve sex drive, vitality, and fertility. Those, who need a bit more specialized help in this area can take natural supplements designed specifically to help boost the male libido, like Erexatropin.

3.      Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is good for your mental health, that’s a fact everyone knows today.  That’s the reason why practicing it is one of the most common anti-aging tips for everyone. Current studies indicate that mindfulness meditation can lead to an increased lifespan (The Guardian). Mindfulness is a meditation technique aimed to focus the practitioner’s mind on the present moment. It’s known to both help treat depression and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. The latter naturally increases with age, so the sooner you start meditating – the better.

Mindfulness meditation is very simple in principle and you can start practicing it today without any outside help. All you need to do is to sit down, relax, and focus on your breathing. Simply breathe in and out thinking of nothing but how the cold air flows through your nostrils and leaves. Whenever any thought pops up, simply move on to focusing on your breathing again. Doing this simple exercise for 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference for your wellbeing, especially if you have a stressful job. You can delve into more advanced techniques of mindfulness meditation once you’ve mastered this basic relaxation.

4.      Exercise for Mind and Body

Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of premature death, so say the scientists. Exercising, on the other hand, keeps you healthier and younger in every way. Do note that it’s equally important to exercise your mind as your body.

Therefore, the best anti-aging tips for a man over 50 (or any other age as it’s never too early to start caring for your longevity) are to work out daily and get an intellectual hobby. The ‘workout’ can be anything from dancing to cycling, to a 30-minute walk. The hobby should be something that will keep your mind working, like studying a language or playing a musical instrument.