There is always a temptation to hold farts and delay their release, and though sometimes it may sound convenient to do that, it is never a good idea and you should always fart the moment you feel like doing so. Irrespective of where you are or what you are doing, make it a habit of excusing yourself and getting to some nice place so that you can release out the gas. Holding the fart or delaying its release may come with certain detrimental consequences and you may later on regret why you made the decision to delay such an important call of nature. Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should never hold onto to that fart-:

It reduces bloating

Bloating is one of those conditions you wouldn’t like to suffer from regularly. The major cause of bloating is when you have excessive gas trapped within your digestive system, causing a lot of great discomforts as well as other complications. Walking or sitting may be a problem when you are suffering from bloating and one of the main avenues for releasing the trapped in gas is through farting. With a fart, a portion of the trapped gas will be released and this will help make you feel slightly better. But if you hold onto the fart, the bloat will continue and the feelings of discomfort will also persist. Always fart without holding back, especially when you have to bloat.

It is an early warning sign

Irrespective of what you do, there is no way you can remove all the gases from your body, and this means that farting will always be part of your day to day physiological process. But farting or releasing gas is not necessarily a bad thing and if used properly, it can give very vital information about your health. Though you may sometimes find it annoying and embarrassing and even start to look for ways on how to get rid of gas, you should never hold on to it, but instead release it every time.

One thing you should know about farting is that it can be an indication of a myriad of health concerns. For example, if you fart frequently and the fart has a strong smell and you always feel some pain in the lower abdomen when you release the gas, this can be an indication of a serious problem, for which you should always seek immediate medical attention. But you wouldn’t know of such if you decided to hold the fart.

The smell is good for your health

It sounds ridiculous then the rest are searching for ways on how to stop farting yet here we are making a bold claim that the smell from the fart is actually good for us, and this is nothing but the truth. Studies have shown that it is indeed a good thing for you to be smelling your own farts. It has been established that farts usually contain certain ingredients that can shield you from certain harmful diseases.

This is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide – the gas responsible for making the fart to smell like rotten eggs. The chemical is definitely poisonous in high doses, but when you inhale it in small amounts like the ones available in your fart, then it is actually healthy and can protect you from diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Therefore, just know that sometimes it is a good thing to fart and bask in the smell for health reasons.

Fart can help you sort our your nutritional needs

We all know how important nutrition is, but how many of you know that you can tell what is missing from your nutrition from the kind of gas you produce? You should be aware that different kinds of foods produce different kinds of gases and through the fart, you may be able to tell what foods you are having in excess and which ones you are probably missing from your diets. If you normally don’t fart or you fart once in a long while, then this is an indication that you aren’t taking a lot of fiber-rich diets.

This is because the digestion system never finds it easy to digest fiber-rich diet, making them ferment and release gases which will then be expunged from the body in form of a fart. Additionally, if the fart you release has a foul smell, then this can be an indication that you are taking a lot of red meat, hence you need to slow down on red meat diets. However, if you decide to not release the gas, you will not get any indication of these vital health pointers.

Farting shows that you have healthy bacteria

Well, the other reason why you need to fart always and without holding back is that farting is a sign that you have healthy bacteria in your digestive system. It is a subtle indication that all is well in your health system and digestion is taking place just as is expected. In some cases, however, there may be a presence of bad bacteria which may not just inhibit the digestion process, but also may make you release very smelly farts. But all in all, the ability to fart is an indication that you are healthy and your digestive system is very much okay.

Farting is healthy for your intestines

In as much as you may want to know how to stop farting, you should be aware that farting is healthy for your intestines, and as such, you should never hold it back for whatever reasons. Every time you hold back fart, your intestines become the victims when the intestinal activities are affected and this may lead to painful cramping, as opposed to letting it out which makes you feel nice and relaxed.

It makes you feel good

The other reason why you should never hold back fart is that it actually makes you feel good, happy and relaxed. Think about the times when you held back your fart. You will agree that it wasn’t the very best of the experiences, and you can always avoid that by just finding a good place and letting it go.