Looking at normal blood sugar levels chart a person can easily know whether his blood sugar level is normal or abnormal. But have you ever thought why is necessary to maintain blood sugar levels? Blood sugar level can be defined as the amount of glucose dissolved in the blood of a person at a given time. The level of blood sugar is necessary to maintain because any fluctuation from the normal level can be indicative of disease. This rise of sugar in your blood can result in developing some physical symptoms as well as you become vulnerable to diabetes.

Necessity of controlling blood sugar level-

If you do not control the blood sugar levels, then you may not be able to identify the symptoms that you are suffering from diabetes until and unless you experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. A condition where your blood glucose level is increased then the normal cause hyperglycemia usually more than 240 mg/dl. Going for blood sugar test as well as ketone test in urine can help you identify it.  Hyperglycemia causes damage to the some of your organs, and this includes-

  • Vascular or cardiac events- Myocardial infection and stroke
  • Kidney problems
  • Eyesight problem- Loss of vision
  • Sexual issue-Erectile dysfunction
  • Amputation-Problems with scarring as well as circulation

Hypoglycemia is the condition where your blood sugar level lowers than the normal levels. In this condition, you feel dizziness as well as you get ill. This condition is dangerous if you lose your consciousness. Thus, in this condition, it is recommended to take fifteen grams of carbohydrates for bringing up a level of sugar in the blood to normal. Also, you can take glucose tablets or take soda, juices, 4-5 crackers, honey, etc. also regular checkups are necessary for maintaining this condition.

If you follow the blood sugar levels chart as well diet and go for daily checkups, this can help you avoid diabetic conditions. Self-testing is the monitoring of the glucose levels in the blood which plays a vital role in managing diabetes.

What is blood sugar levels chart?

The possible level of blood glucose level is displayed in the blood sugar levels chart. Values are expressed in dg/ml or mmol/L. This chart is not hundred percent accurate because in different countries the different thresholds are set. You can thus consult your doctors for knowing the required blood sugar level in your body as well as taking steps to maintain it.

Normal blood sugar levels chart show-

For adults, the normal blood sugar level values lies between 72 mg/ dl – 108 mg/dl

When the healthy person wakes in the morning with an empty stomach, the concentration of glucose in your blood is between 68 mg/dl – 108 mg/dl. After consuming food or drinks that are rich in carbohydrates the level of sugar in the blood raises to 120-140 mg/ dl.

For children of 6 years, the determined value of the level of sugar in blood before eating the food is between 100 mg/dl – 180 mg/dl. And the values should lie between 110 mg/dl- 200mg/dl before sleep. And the children who are six years above have normal blood sugar levels before eating as 90 mg/dl- 180 mg/dl and before the sleep values should be 100mg/dl-180mg/dl.

Tips to control blood sugar levels-

  • Exercise daily- exercise is important for both healthy as well as diabetic patient to exercise daily to maintain blood glucose levels in the body. In research, it was proved that a person who does both aerobic as well as anaerobic training for 12 weeks (exercise for 1 hour, three times a week) improved his or her diabetic management.
  • Weight loss- over weighted people is more vulnerable to diabetes. By losing your weight, you can easily stabilize the blood sugar levels. Also losing few pounds weight is also helpful for the diabetic patient to control his or her sugar levels. Thus, if you are over the weighted person, then you must start exercising as well as taking diets to lose weight.
  • Diet- diabetic patients must follow the diet chart and must limit the food uptake that can spike their blood sugar levels. By maintaining and taking healthy diet he or she can easily control blood sugar levels. Eating lean protein, fiber supplement added to your food can help you to control blood glucose which may otherwise spike. So, meet your doctor or nutritionist to get help and know what diet plans are necessary for you to maintain normal blood sugar level.
  • Drinking – Person who drinks alcohol can face the rise in blood sugar levels that drop after few hours. Thu, either you must avoid taking alcohol, or you must take the limited amount of the alcohols it some food along with the beverage.
  • Control stress levels- if you remain stressed more often than it can also affect the blood glucose levels. When a person is under stress the hormones like the cortisol as well as glucagon is secreted. These hormones raise the blood sugar levels in the body. Thus, you need to relax, meditate as well as do exercise to reduce stress which will ultimately lower the glucose levels in the blood. The best method to reduce tour stress, as well as free your body from another kind of problem, is to do yoga daily.
  • Take good sleep- insulin sensitivity, as well as blood sugar levels, are affected if you don’t take enough sleep as well as rest. Lack of sleep can cause the decrease in growth hormone level as well as the increase in levels of cortisol. And both of these hormones are important in controlling blood glucose thus, take enough sleep.

Thus, if you follow the tips discussed above as well as go for regular blood sugar level checkups, then you may reduce the risk of diabetes. Also, you can look for the normal blood sugar level chart and consult your doctors for knowing different methods as well as medications required. Diabetes will remain undetectable if you don’t go for checkups so now it is your responsibility that you go for checkups and take necessary steps.