Many physical therapy experts and fitness trainers prefer a simple, yet effective, squat maneuver that is performed correctly to add endurance, strengthening and balance into an overall exercise program. This move mainly utilizes the major muscles of the lower body when an individual correctly performs the movements. Each small move is designed to be flawlessly executed for precise and rhythmic motions. The move can increase strength, flexibility and improve balance in the major lower body joints of hips, knees and ankles. This exercise is a terrific fat minimizing technique that effectively rids the body of excess fat in that critical abdominal, hip, buttocks and leg regions that many tend to notice excess pounds in midlife years.

While this is a fantastic exercise with many health benefits, it is also important to learn and perform the correct method of body alignment, heel balance and fluid motions to avoid injuries that can strain the back, hips, legs and other areas. Most fitness trainers use voice prompts to ensure that the student is in the proper alignment throughout the movements. The correct stance rolls weight onto the heels to be maintained by balancing the hips over that area. If strain is felt in the knees and shins, and if the person notices more toe pressure, they should immediately re-position their body to avoid a painful injury.

There is a neat device out that promises to keep a person in the correct alignment for performing a proper squat move. This is a balance board of sorts that has outlined feet imprints to ensure proper heel position. The board tilts to alert the person if they get out of the correct body position. Many fitness experts are exited about this fitness tool designed to ensure proper squat technique required to gain maximum health benefits as well as providing an alert that a person feels when in an improper body stance position.

The squat is an excellent all around exercise that focuses on the upper thighs, glutes and abdominal muscles. There are also additional muscles that support the back and hips that receive a workout too. Additionally, over time, this exercise builds stamina, lower body strength and increases the level of hip, knee and ankle flexion and flexibility. It is estimated by some fitness experts that a squat maneuver activates and exercises around 200 various muscles in the body.

It is clear to see why fitness buffs love this exercise. It does take some training to be able to correctly perform the full squat motion without causing pain or injury. When able, a person can even use weights to also workout the upper body while performing squats. Nobody should attempt this without proper instruction and plenty of lead up exercises. Many people in the fitness field love squats because it can effectively provide the method to lose accumulated fat. If using the ingenious Smart-Squat biofeedback tipping beam device, individuals can better recognize when their body gets in or out of the effective and safe squat position.

This exercise move works best when the spine is correctly aligned and heels are engaged for keeping the balance weight. The hips roll back fluidly causing a subtle gravity shift necessary to correctly perform squat repetitions without causing bodily harm.