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Dentistry has come a very long way from where it was even 50 years ago. There are now a slew of dental procedures that are extremely common which would have been thought to be impossible back then. Modern dentistry has allowed people to have teeth and gums that are healthier and look better than at any other point in history. Any dental problem that you have can be fixed by modern dental technology. Therefore, there is no reason to go around with teeth that are unattractive. Here are some of the dental procedures that have become very popular around the world.

1. Teeth whitening can make yellow teeth look like the teeth of a movie star.

Whitening is by far the number one dental procedure in the world. This is because so many people have teeth that become discolored for a wide variety of reasons. Having yellow teeth is a very common problem for people who smoke on a regular basis. However, even people who do not smoke will experience a gradual yellowing of their teeth over time. Teeth whitening is a fast and simple procedure that allows patients to choose the exact shade of white they want their teeth to be. Having teeth that are a healthy white color does wonders for the confidence and self-esteem of people who have this procedure performed. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

2. Dentures allow people with no teeth to live a normal life.

Dentures have been around for many years. However, modern dental technology has certainly improved the quality of dentures from where they were several decades ago. They are now much more comfortable and cause the people who wear them little or no pain. This is because of the fact that the dentures made today are custom fitted for the person who is wearing them. This is unlike the dentures that were mass produced for many decades that many people had trouble fitting in their mouths. You can contact a denture clinic Edmonton to find out about all of the latest advancements.

3. Invisalign can straighten teeth in a way that is completely painless.

Millions of people were forced to get their teeth straightened using ugly and painful metal braces. This was because there was no other method of effectively straightening teeth for many decades. Metal braces were dreaded by the people who had to wear them because they would become a target of ridicule. The people who wore metal braces would also need to go in for regular tightening sessions that were extremely painful. Invisalign put an end to all of that forever. This is a method of straightening teeth that uses trays that are customized for the patient. A new set of trays is used every two weeks. These trays will gradually push the patient’s teeth into alignment without any pain whatsoever. The patient can also remove them at any time. This means the patient can eat whatever he or she wants. One of the things that makes Invisalign attractive to many patients is the fact that the trays are almost completely invisible.

4. Veneers can cover up crooked teeth for people who do not want to wait to have their teeth straightened.

Many people simply do not have the patience required to endure the process of straightening their teeth. This is because it will take literally months for teeth to be straightened to the point where they are in perfect alignment. However, there is another procedure that enables people who have crooked teeth to have a beautiful smile even if they do not want to go through the straightening process. They can get something called veneers. This is a permanent covering that is placed over the patient’s teeth. The covering is usually made out of porcelain which is a very tough and durable material. The veneers completely cover the crooked teeth and give the appearance of perfectly straight teeth. The process of applying veneers is very simple and does not require the numerous visits to the dentist that a patient would need to have if they were having their teeth straightened. You can consult your dentist to see which option is right for you.