In the event that you have indications that recommend stomach cancer, your specialist will verify whether they are because of cancer or to some other reason. Your specialist may allude you to a gastroenterologist, a specialist whose forte is diagnosing and treating digestive issues.

Your specialist will get some information about your individual and family wellbeing history. You additionally may have:

Physical exam: Your specialist feels your belly for liquid, swelling, or different changes. Your specialist likewise will check for swollen lymph hubs.

Endoscopy: Your specialist utilizes a slim, lighted tube (endoscope) to investigate your stomach. Your specialist first numbs your throat with an analgesic shower. You likewise may get medication to help you unwind.

Biopsy: An endoscope has an instrument for uprooting tissue. Your specialist utilizes the endoscope to expel tissue from the stomach. A biopsy is the main beyond any doubt approach to know whether cancer cells are available.