Radiation Therapy: Does It Stay in Your Body After Treatment?

Choosing radiation therapy as your form of cancer treatment is the first step toward being cancer free. However, radiation therapy, like surgical options or chemotherapy treatment, is a very scary prospect. You do not know what to expect or how to best take care of yourself. Follow these six tricks to make it a comfortable experience.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

We all know that radiation therapy uses a strong beam of light with intense energy to kill cancer cells. This assault on the natural function of your body can make you feel exhausted. It is important to set yourself a clear sleep schedule and actually follow through on it. The best way to getting to the finish line of your round of radiation therapy is to stay well rested and let the body regenerate itself after each treatment.

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin

Having irritated skin in the areas targeted by the beams of high energy light is one of the most common symptoms of radiation therapy. You will want to be extra vigilant about the skincare in this area, using a moisturizer regularly and not using too harsh a soap on it. Instead, a mild soap and some warm water is sufficient. Pat the skin dry to prevent tearing of the epidermis, which is already heavily weakened. For more on what you can do, visit website today! You should speak to your medical practitioner about perfumes, lotions or cosmetics that you should avoid.

  1. Eat a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

While your body s being put through the wringer on the outside, it is important not to neglect the health of the inside. While many of the symptoms and side effects associated with radiation therapy generally go away after about two months, the consequences of poor nutrition will take much longer to undo. Besides the long term effects, rounds of radiation treatment will not make you feel as bad if you have a healthy meal to soak up the toxins.

  1. Do Not Wear Tight Clothing

No matter what your style, wearing tight fitting clothing when you are undergoing radiation treatment is not a good idea. The fibers in your clothing can rub up against the area treated to the intense energy and can irritate the skin. It is often recommended that patients of radiation therapy wear loose fitting, stretchy clothing, lik that of a yoga enthusiast. This is another treatment that will not last forever, most cases only lasting a month or two after their last treatment session.

  1. Protect Areas of Treatment From the Sun

Wearing a heavy duty sunblock on areas that receive the treatment goes hand in hand with taking care of your skin, but it is almost more important. Radiation Therapy can cause your skin to become weaker, allowing more of the harmful UV rays in, and enhancing your chances of getting skin cancer or a painful burn. It is important to speak to your doctor about the best sunblock for you to use, preferably one with no perfumes or coloring agents in it.

  1. Just Relax

One of the best ways you can approach radiation treatment is from a calm, centered place. There is a huge rise in therapy to help deal with the disquieting effects of this powerful cancer treatment. Talk therapy may not ease the itching or discomfort in your skin, but it can put your mind in a better place and help you manage it better. Speak to your doctor about recommending a therapist who specializes in radiation therapy patients.