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There are many issues and concerns in the world today, and often we struggle to think of ways that we can help. In most cases, money is the most helpful and necessary thing we could give, but money, as the saying goes, does not grow on trees. However, with a little bit of planning and some creativity, you can raise a ton of money for whatever cause you support. One of the most fun ways to raise this money is by holding a summer carnival for your neighbors and friends. Here are some tips to help you get started.

The most important thing at a carnival is the entertainment, whether that’s in the form of rides, games, music, or other activities. You don’t need to have giant rides to have fun, however. A single bouncy house will provide hours of fun for kids at a reasonable cost. Set up booths and recruit volunteers to run games and contests. You can also get local bands to perform and get people dancing. Many bands will perform for a low cost if you agree to help them sell their music at the event.

For food, make sure you have all the carnival classics. Popcorn is an affordable and convenient treat that everyone loves. Save money by setting up a lemonade stand to sell drinks at a decent cost to your guests. Since it will be hot out, be sure you offer some frozen treats as well. For example, some gelato manufacturers like My Rainbows End can provide your carnival with all of the equipment and materials necessary to satisfy every customer. Ask local restaurants if they’d like to participate and lease them a booth at your carnival.

Of course, the most important step in raising money from a summer carnival is making sure that enough people show up. It’s important to advertise, but first, make sure you reach out to all of your own contacts. Encourage your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to share your event’s information on social media. Make and print up flyers and hand them out at local stores and events. If you start early, you can create a buzz around your event and everyone will want to be there.

With a little effort, your summer carnival can raise money for a good cause. Plus, it can be a fun time!