Going for an STD screening is a practice that everyone should look forward to at least once in our lives. However, it is recommended that a person should get tested for STDs regularly.

This is because it does not affect only those at high risk but can also have an impact on anyone who is sexually active. It is so unfortunate that most of us don’t even know what STDs are and how common hey are too.

People usually think that they would know if they had high chances of contracting STDs and that they can also know whether they are affected or not.

There have always been a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to STDs and this is simply the reason why people need to go and get checked.

It is very surprising that even most of the doctors are not very much informed when it comes to this issue thus they would also assume getting tested is not necessary. Below are some reasons why I think you should still go ahead and get tested.

  1. Everyone can have STDs

Most people are usually wrong to think that if a person has never had sex there’s no way they can contract STDs.

Most of these infections are usually spread just by a simple skin to skin contact. Other conditions like oral herpes can even be transmitted from one person to the other through simple things like casual affection between close people i.e. a family members.

Sometimes you can get the infection from your relatives during your childhood if you have cold sores. These cold sores can later be transmitted through oral sex. Find out much on STDs here.

  1. Eliminating doubts

Of course no one would love to leave in doubt that their partner is cheating on them when clearly they are not.

Most people who are in committed relationships or even those who are married usually don’t see the need to get tested just because their relationship is mutually monogamous.

Well this might be true but you should also consider the fact that your partner may have been involved with other people before you met. This is where the testing for STDs should be done.

You don’t want to experience problems in future with your newly found love of your life just because you didn’t know either of you had been infected before. This is why going for an STD screening is important before starting a new relationship.

  1. It’s never too late

This one is a bit too funny and weird at the same time. Some people will often ignore going for an STD test when in a relationship just because they had unprotected sex before hence the assumption that they already are infected if they were to be.

They usually don’t see the need to be tested as they think it would already be too late for that. Well, if you are one of these people, stop being ignorant and go for the test.

Besides, not every time will STDs be transmitted when an infected person engage in sexual activities.

  1. Living with fear

It is in our nature as humans to always fear what we don’t know right? Well, its isn’t a good thing if you knew you had STDs but then it gets even more scarier when living in fear that you might be having the infections.

It is advisable that you know your status and condition regarding these issues. This way, you will be able to know what to do and how to take care of yourself.

Additionally, some STD infections can be easily treated if noticed early enough.

  1. Respecting your sexual partners and yourself

Going for STD screening can help boost the level of honesty and trust in your relationships.

Without both of you going for a test, you really wouldn’t know whether there are some infections that you have and would like to share this talk with your partner.

By doing so, it shows some level of maturity and respect for both you and your sexual partner.


Generally, it is still a good idea to go for testing on a regular basis even if you are not sexually active, you just never know.

Besides, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will contract STDs only when you have sex. With technology advancing, you can even be able to do it on your own after some advice from your doctor of course.

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