Did you know that a workplace injury happens every 7 seconds. That’s 12,900 workers per day. And that’s just on the job. Those numbers don’t include car wrecks, sport related accidents, or even the dreaded kitchen accidents. When faced with an injury there are a number of factors that play into your recovery. Recovery is about more than physical healing, it involves your physical environment, your family support, access to funds, and your mental wellbeing.

How Your Physical Environment Effects You

After facing an injury your physical environment plays a major role in your recovery. There have been numerous studies and papers written on how healing environments are less stressful and promote faster healing for patients. ScienceDirect published a study of over 798 papers that address the impact of the physical environment on recovery. This study breaks down how each aspect of the physical environment, from lighting and identical rooms to indoor quality and privacy, impact the healing of the patient and competence of the staff. Think of where you would rather recover. Would you prefer a shared room or an individual room? Would you rather have a window or stare at a cold white wall? Do you take a hard look at the cleanliness of a hospital floor or do you not care? What are your standards for the environment you wish to recover in? Is your hospital of choice within your insurance network?

How Support of Family and Friends Heals

Family support is another key factor in the healing process. Often it is the hope and presence of family that keeps the patient going. The healing touch of family and friends aids in recovery. The support of family motivates health care workers, it allows the patient to have an advocate for care. In addition to helping with physical healing it aids in the mental well being of everyone. Being present, even if just sitting by the bedside, gives the family member purpose. No one wants to go through difficulty alone.  Who would you want by your bedside?

Why Having a Plan is Essential

A healthy physical environment or the ability for family to stay by your side is not always financially possible. For this reason, it is important to have an emergency fund available. The cost of recovery can grow quickly for prolonged stays in hospital, time off for family members to provide care, continued therapy, or any other number of variables that can play into recovery. Whether you have an emergency fund available or not it’s important to reach out to a law office for personal injury. Your health, family, and lifestyle depend on your ability to financially plan for the inevitable. Do you know how much you would need to maintain your family’s current lifestyle for even a month with no income coming in?

Accidents happen. We rarely have warning. Being prepared always with funds and a plan are key to your overall healing. Your physical recovery is not the only element for which you need to prepare for. Rather mental health, physical healing, family support, financial well-being, and the continuation of your current lifestyle are all important aspects that must be considered during preparation for life emergencies.

Are you prepared?  Have you planned out all the variables and moving parts to keep in motion?