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Primarily known to reduce some facial wrinkles, Botox injections are also helpful in other medical treatments. For instance, these injections treat problems people have with repetitive neck spasms, lazy eye, an overactive bladder and excessive sweating. Some people with chronic migraines may also benefit from Botox injections.As the best known set of medications that temporarily paralyzes muscle activity, Botox Cary NC is also the first drug that uses botulinum toxin, a microbe that also found in food poisoning.How Botox WorksBasically, Botox works by blocking receptors on the muscle. When the muscle receive a signal from the nerve in that area to contract, a signal is sent although it does not connect with the muscle. That is because the muscle is paralyzed and has no idea the signal is telling it to contract.It is five to 10 days before any clinical effects of Botox is noticeable. The muscle where the medicine is injected gradually develops new receptor site within the next three to five months.Removing WrinklesUse of Botox for cosmetic procedures is often related to wrinkles. The muscle where the wrinkles begin to for is injected with the drug. Applied to the overlying skin where wrinkles begin to appear, the paralyzed muscle prevents them from forming fully.As people age, they begin to lose the elasticity in their skin. The permanent crease that forms usually leaves a noticeable wrinkle even if the muscles do not contract. Although Botox does not get rid of this type of wrinkle, it could help to soften their appearance.The Procedure During the procedure for Botox injections, the cosmetic surgeon will use sterile instruments at a medical spa or office. Botox parties are not considered the safest place to receive these injections. Typically, local anesthesia or numbing cream is used to perform the injections.Minimum discomfort may follow treatment and you might feel some discomfort after getting the shot. However, needles used in medical procedures today are extremely thin and fine; you may not feel any pain.Most likely, the doctor will target numerous injection points. You should be able to resume normal activities immediately after getting the injections. However, you may want to stay out of the sun.Consult a Board-Certified DoctorAs with any type of medical or cosmetic procedure, you should meet with a legitimate plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or dermatologist before moving forward. The precision and knowledge required to perform something to alter your facial anatomy should not be left to chance.