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Moles are quite complicated things to have on the face. It depends on your fortunate whether the mole is on the right place or not. Fortunately, if you are lucky enough to have moles in the right place of your face, then that’s fine, but if not tan you tend to find ways to remove it. If we take a sneak peek at another aspect of the moles, then the moles can also cause cancer. Here one has to have an eye to get to know the signs of cancer.

What Can Cause Mole?

Due to the influence of the genes, people do have at least 10 moles, but when it comes to the odd cases, people also have 40 moles in their body. It was studied that almost all the moles appear on the body by the age of 20, but again there is some genetic influence on the body due to which some people tend to have moles after the exposure of the skin to the direct sun rays. This is quite a natural process to have new moles or to get the one who previously has darker, each passing day.

Types Of Moles

These days with the chance of having developed cancer4, people are wondering whether they have cancer or not. The mole is usually seen to be a small spot. But the colour, sizes, and the shapes depending on its types. Following are types of the moles:

  • Congenital:

If the mole is there from the birth onwards, then the mole can be known as the congenital. 1 Percent of people have these types of mole as these are found to be there in the rarest people. These types of moles can have a greater risk to be developed into cancers.

  • Acquired:

These are the small moles formed. The size of these moles is small than those of the congenital ones or the ones which are developed from childhood. These are the moles which are acquired due to the exposure of the skin in the scorching sun.

  • Atypical:

These are the moles which are larger than that of the eraser of a regular size. The colour of the moles can be uneven. The borders of these moles can also be irregular giving it a mere irregular shape. The centre is dark brown. These are the typical style of moles which run in the families, and they can also tend to cause cancers on the skin.

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Moles

If your mole is not the one that needs to be treated, i.e. non-cancerous and you need to remove it, then you can do it by following simple home remedies. If the mole is not at a place where one can consider it as a beauty spot, then it needs removal. This is so because people at times need the confidence to get rid of moles.

Here are some of the home remedies that can help to remove moles. But on the other hand, it cannot guarantee you of the removal, and this is so because it completely depends on the skin types of the person as well as the reaction of the remedies on the skin:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar:

Dip a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and then place the ball on the mole. To hold it in a place, place a Band-Aid on it and leave it for 5-6 hours. Clean the area daily and continue the application of this remedy. This will help as the apple cider vinegar is known as the king of the remedies. The vinegar has an acidic property which helps to dry the mole and then it forms a scab with time after the regular application of the apple cider vinegar. After this step, the mole disappears.

  • Black Salve Ointment:

Dab the mole with this ointment and then bad aid it. Change band-aid and clean the area with a gentle soap after every 12 hours and do the dame regularly. Using this couple of days can make your mole vanish. This ointment is also effective for all the other type of awkward skin growth.

  • Use Baking Soda And Castor Oil:

For this, all you need to do is to have half a teaspoon of baking soda and add 2 to 3 drop of castor oil in it. After this, it requires an adhesive tape to it so that the application of this remedy stays on the skin for a longer period. This has to be done every night before going to bed. Baking soda helps to dry the mole which is the initial process of the removal of the mole. The castor oil helps to remove the scar of the mole after the mole is removed to the fullest. This method can also cause inflammation. So make sure that you can be well acquainted with the process.

  • Banana Peels:

Take a piece of banana peel that is enough for the mole. Then try to cover it making the use of an adhesive tape. The peel of banana has enzymes and acids like those of the oxalic acids as well as ascorbic acids which can help to reduce the moles which are not at all wanted. Thus, this is an effective way to remove the moles.

  • Garlic:

For this, you require to have one clove of garlic and then a piece of cotton cloth on it. The garlic needs to be crushed so that a thick paste can be achieved. Apply the paste with the help of the cotton cloth and then wrap it make it stay with the help of adhesive tape. Making the use of this process several times a week can get you visible results. The mole will dry and then may fall or disappear. This is an effective way to get the mole removed because the formation of scab is quicker. This helps to pace the process removal of the mole. The precaution to be taken is that one need not touch the scab with hands.

  • Iodine:

To put iodine on the moles, one needs to have iodine as well as petroleum jelly. The iodine has to be directly applied on the mole, and then one has to make sure that the whole area is slathered with the help of the petroleum jelly. This has to be done twice a week, and within a couple of weeks, the mole disappears. The petroleum jelly is applied so that the area is protected. With the regular application of the iodine, the mole can even come off as those of the flakes. Here there has to be a major preventive measure taken, and that is the intake of the iodine can be merely dangerous for health. It is toxic for the body can cause several health issues. If there is a burning sensation to your skin after the application, then you must stop using this as it can even cause some serious side effects on the skin.


These were some of the best homemade remedies that can be preferred for the removal of the moles rather than going for the process like surgery, medicines that can have the side effects on the body. Several remedies can be tried for the removal of the moles, but these were some of the best methods which were proven to ensure results.