Welcome to Asbestos Victim Advice, the complete wellspring of backing for sufferers of asbestos related sicknesses and their friends and family.

The motivation behind this site is to furnish you with all the data you have to help you through your disease and to give you backing and counsel along the way. Not with standing exhaustive data on welfare advantages, how to make a case for pay, the indications and signs of asbestos related infections and connections to affiliations that can bolster you, this site helps you to reach and impart to different sufferers and figure out how they have adapted to the difficulties their disease brings.

If the sufferer has gotten care from a hospital, we specialists empower the sufferer to incorporate a case in the interest of the hospital to make a monetary commitment for the consideration got. This is hung on trust and paid to the hospice. A large number of our customers are satisfied to have the capacity to permit this commitment to be made. It is paid on top of the sufferer’s pay so won’t abandon him/her out of pocket. It is vital that we surpass your desires. In the past our group has decided to liaise with boards to get customers refocused, addressed therapeutic staff to guarantee the best treatment is given and liaised with the advantage organizations to guarantee that our customers and their family get everything accessible to them. Numerous organizations don’t consider this to be a piece of their part.