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Untold numbers of individuals avoid the thought of detox and treatment for addictions out of fear from potentially difficult withdrawal symptoms. There are new methods that can be used that help alleviate the agony and pain of withdrawing from serious drugs and alcohol. Finding a comprehensive detox center is the first step in the recovery process.

What are specialty Treatments?

Specialty treatment programs are designed to assist an addict with the severe symptoms that can accompany withdrawal. It makes the process less painful and more humane. Each individual responds differently to detox and treatment, which allows the specialty treatment options the flexibility to be used if deemed helpful. It is an additional tool offered in the fight against addiction.

Who are the specialty treatments most effective for?

Specialty treatment programs can be beneficial for anyone that has suffered from long term drug and alcohol addiction, has more than one addiction, or has failed traditional detox treatments in the past. This provides an extra layer of comfort to a difficult process. If the detox is made bearable, the patient will be more likely to follow it through to the end. No one wants to make it this far and back out due to the uncomfortable feeling of withdrawal symptoms. Give yourself a better chance of successful recovery from your addiction.

How can I get into a specialty treatment program?

A physician will do an initial assessment to determine if a specialty treatment program would work best for your situation and history. Every individual has walked miles that are different from anyone else. Program success is the goal of the treatment professionals. They will take their time and make sure that all avenues have been traveled and options discussed. You can feel confident that the treatment suggestions are looking out for your best interests. They are vying for your successful recovery as much as you and your family. The best thing to do is be honest during the assessment process.

IMS Services

Incidental Medical Services, or IMS, is an option available to detox centers that allow for the oral or intravenous introduction of narcotic and non-narcotic medications to alleviate the symptoms of serious withdrawal. It can only be implemented for a short period of time, but it provides a gentler way to withdrawal from serious substances like opiates and alcohol. You can rest easier that there will be less serious side effects that can be life-threatening to some individuals. Gradually reducing the amount of medication ensures that the detox process is at work, but at a slightly slower pace, that is easier for the body to handle. The threat of withdrawal symptoms is what keeps many people away from treatment centers and detox facilities.

Bridge Treatment

The Bridge device offers electrical stimulation in the area close to the ear, alleviating much of the acute pain associated with withdrawal. It can begin working as fast as 30-minutes from the time it is employed. This is a non-narcotic way of making the detox process tolerable. There are very few side effects and most of them are rare. You can have dizziness, pain at the site of implant, stinging and slight pain in the ear. The benefits far outweigh the possible side effects.

How will specialty treatment impact my recovery success?

One of the greatest struggles in getting free of substance addictions is the experience of intense withdrawal symptoms. This keeps people chained to addictions longer than they need to be. The new methods involved in specialty treatment programs take much of the intensity out of withdrawal and increases the chance of complete detox and recovery. Do not let the fear of past methods keep you from a future free of addictions. Explore the possibilities that current treatment and detox offer. You could be living a normal life again in no time. This is the opportunity for even long term addicts to get and stay drug-free.

Leaving Addictions Behind

How great would it be to think that within a few short weeks, or months you can have your life back? Truly experiencing recovery can change your life and how you react to tough situations in the future. You will see the true strength you possess. Complete focus on detox, mental and emotional health offer the addiction solution in one complete package. Every aspect that makes a human strong and able to withstand the stress of life is covered and expanded with a comprehensive detox program. Specialty programs offer the added comfort that gives you the needed confidence to start right away.

Contact detox experts like Restore Detox Centers and find out how getting with the program can increase your odds of breaking free of addiction today!