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An increasing number of seniors are finding that they can and are living beyond their savings. What this means is that when their health is at its most critical, they cannot afford the best care and are often relegated to care homes that do not offer the comfort or lifestyle they need to lead a happy life. Lowering living costs can make your savings last longer, allowing you to enjoy your life to its fullest:

How to Lower Utility Bills

The first step to lowering living costs is to lower your utility costs. Thankfully, there are many different eco-tools and options available to you so that you can lower your utility costs easily and without too much fuss. Changes can be budget-friendly, or investment items, such as solar panels, which are sure to bring a return on your investment.

Budget-Friendly Options:

You could add more rugs to your home and install black-out curtains, for example, to keep the heat in your home or even to block out the sun during summer. Plant bushes outside your home to reduce the amount of wind that hits your home during winter and plant large trees to cast shade over your roof during summer. Renovate your basement so that you can enjoy spending your summers there in the cooler temperatures without turning the A/C on.

Investment Choices:

Change out your light bulbs to energy-efficient alternatives. Install a smart meter or system that automates your home so that you only use the energy you absolutely need. Better yet, replace any old appliance you have to an energy-efficient alternative. Your home will have greater resale value and you will benefit from much lower monthly costs hear-on out. You might even be able to apply for a tax rebate for installing so many energy-efficient items in your home, resulting in more savings on a regular basis.

How to Lower Grocery Bills

Another way you can lower your living costs is to lower your grocery bills. You don’t, however, want to risk buying unhealthy foods, either. The solution here is to either grow your own food at home, which can even be done indoors with a vertical garden, or to buy frozen food. Contrary to popular belief, frozen food can contain more nutrients than their fresh counterparts, especially during winter months when the food in question spends long periods of time in transit.

Other ways to save money are to shop in bulk or to shop from local farmer’s markets. There are so many ways to lower your grocery bills, and all of them will help you live healthier and longer.

How to Lower Medical Bills

The older we get, the more likely we will see the inside of a doctor’s office or even hospital. The longer we live the more complicated our health becomes, which results in more out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Even with all the budget-friendly living, healthcare bills can still swoop in and deplete your savings before you know it. That is why you need to:

  • Price compare all services, from doctors to hospitals, to even which pharmacy you choose so that you get the best deal.
  • Ask for discounts from your doctor. Over 60% of patients will get some kind ofdiscount for their healthcare if they ask for it.
  • Know your healthcare coverage inside and out so that you can review your medical bills more accurately.
  • Always review your bills. There might be mistake charges, double charges, or unfamiliar charges, and it is always worthwhile to contest costs you do not recognize.

Prescription costs, in particular, hit seniors the hardest, as they rely increasingly on medication to control their health. Miralax, for example, is a necessary drug to help patients with irregular bowel movements. As we age, this issue can become increasingly common. Rather than spend over $30 for a bottle, however, use SingleCare’s price comparison to find ways to reduce the Miralax cost. Always search for ways to lower your prescription cost, so that you can spread out the cost of your healthcare as far as possible.

Don’t let yourself run out of money. Lower your living costs today and you can enjoy your retirement to its fullest from the start. The best part is that these tips don’t require you to sacrifice the quality of life you are leading now, but to instead find savings in key areas of your life. Save money on your utilities, your grocery, and even your healthcare, and you will be able to enjoy your golden years without worry.