8 tips on how to do yoga at home - Practice and all is coming | Ekhart Yoga

Yoga is an old art form that has been practiced for thousands of years. India is the mother of Yoga and almost all the poses of Yoga were invented in India.

But Yoga was such beautiful and effective art. Hence, it kept itself alive for thousands of years. Now, the entire world knows about Yoga. Western culture has added many new and helpful poses to make Yoga more effective. ‘Online Yoga Classes’ – is the latest step to reach the worldwide population.

Many people have heard about Yoga. But they don’t know – how Yoga works. Hence, in this blog, I would try to make clear – how Yoga has evolved itself to become a modern art form.

In reality, Yoga is made of some Asanas. ‘Asanas’ means poses. Ancient Indian people observed Nature, birds, and animals closely. Then, they copied only the best poses from them. That’s why the poses of Yoga are inspired by animals and bird’s names.

The poses target some hidden pressure points inside the Human body. These pressure points can also be called Energy Chakras. By awakening these Chakras, Yoga balances all the energies in the Human body. Hence, without any medicine, you can cure many problems and lead a much healthier life.

But it won’t happen in a day. You have to practice Yoga for several weeks to make it work. Your mind and body will unite and you will feel a refreshing wave of positive energies. Thus, Yoga can help you to find an unknown and new kind of energy sleeping inside your body.

A digital Yoga studio can help you to learn and practice Yoga from your home. You wouldn’t have to go anywhere and you can practice some of the greatest poses of Yoga.

You can’t practice all the poses of Yoga in a day. Hence, an online Yoga Studio prepares you to learn Yoga from the beginner level. Slowly you will reach the top level. Then, you will be able to practice the most difficult poses of Yoga.

Yoga helps to focus your mind and channelize your positive energies. It will enhance your flexibilities and organ functions. Your digestive systems and nerve systems will improve. Even, your skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, and muscle problems will reduce. You will be able to feel a new wave of energy inside you. You would have a good sleep and your body’s overall functions will work well. Gradually, you will be able to feel the positive aspects of Yoga. So, join a digital yoga studio such as TheYogaClass and keep yourself fit and active.