Lower back pain is a major issue for far too many of us and there are numerous ways that we can develop the pain.

Whether you have suffered a back injury behind the wheel and need to claim car accident compensation or have developed a problem through injury at work, whatever the scenario that has led to you suffering on a daily basis, you will no doubt be seeking a suitable remedy.

Natural hormones

There are several simple remedies that are often overlooked when trying to find a solution to chronic back pain and one strategy to consider is to take action that will help to release your inner endorphins.

Endorphins are naturally produced by your body and they have the capacity to be just as powerful and effective as any manufactured pain medication available.

When you release endorphins in your body they provide assistance in blocking the pain signals you are receiving from your brain. These endorphins help alleviate anxiety, depression and stress, all of which are symptoms closely associated with chronic back pain and can often exacerbate the level of pain felt.

To gain access to these natural hormones and to release your inner hormones to combat these symptoms, try some aerobic exercise as well as meditation and massage therapy, all of which are proven strategies to encourage natural pain relief.

Target your core muscles

The muscles located in your abdomen and back play a pivotal role in providing the right level of support for your lower spine.

The problem is that these core muscles don’t get a sufficient workout throughout the day and as part of your normal exercise routine.

You need to specifically target your core muscles by doing some simple exercises in order to improve the level of support you are providing to your lower spine and alleviate some pain in the process.

Healthy eating

There is always plenty of publicity with the message that we need to practice healthy eating but not everyone will be aware that one of the benefits of a good diet is that it can speed up the healing process if you are suffering from back pain.

You can heal quicker if you manage to get the right amount of nutrition and manage to have a balanced and adequate calorie intake.

Any extra weight that you are carrying can hinder the healing process and slow the recovery process and a balanced diet should provide you with the right level of protein which can be a good source of the building blocks needed for soft tissue healing.

Fresh fruit and vegetables will provide the vitamins and trace elements required for a quicker recovery, so consider getting some nutritional advice if you want help in putting a balanced diet together to help you recover from and cope with lower back pain.

Other initiatives that are definitely worth considering in your attempt to combat back pain, include quitting smoking if you are currently a smoker, and getting plenty if restful sleep.

There are of course prescribed medications available to manage back pain, but there are also some simple and natural remedies which could make a big difference.

Tomas Ingram is trained in handling sports injuries and has a good understanding of what causes back pain in general. He likes to share his insights with an online audience and writes for several lifestyle and health websites.