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Registered Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare industry, charged with caregiving on the frontlines of the nation’s hospitals. Caregiving is more than a career – it’s a vocation, and many RNs find themselves asking how they can do more, care more, offer more. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing gives any RN the opportunity to achieve their full potential and give the most they can to patients. Here are some of the best ways to take your caregiving to the next level and earn your degree.

Choose Your Specialty

A BSN will offer you a wide perspective of the healthcare industry and the opportunity to decide where your skills are best suited. Advancing to the next stage of nursing will require you to specialize in a specific nursing discipline and give you the training you need to master it. Nurse midwife and nurse anesthetist are two of the most in demand nursing specialties.

Find Your Educator

More and more nurses are using the internet to train from RN-BSN online. By using online educators, working RNs can fit their studies around their existing work-life and progress at a pace that suits them. Make sure your educator is well accredited and has the resources and support available to you in your state.

Prepare and Plan

Any endeavor requires the right planning and the right preparation. Balancing your existing work commitments, your studies and finding the time to enjoy life isn’t impossible but will be made harder with a failure to properly manage your time and resources. Begin to plan right from the start and look at how you can merge your online studies into your free time.

Help Your Employer Help You

Government regulations, both state and federal, are increasingly pushing healthcare providers towards employing fully BSN qualified staff. Some states already require this. Your employer will already see how your advancement benefits them too, and can offer support and resources that will help you excel in your studies.

Too often nurses fail to see how their career advancement offers their employers opportunity, an opportunity their employer should be eager to capitalize upon. Your degree is mutually beneficial to them and they can offer flexibility and support knowing an investment in you is also an investment in their business.

Trust Yourself

You have got this far. Your career in nursing is often as challenging as it is rewarding, so don’t be intimidated by a new challenge – it’s an investment in yourself. Earning a degree brings rewards beyond the financial and will teach you skills that will benefit you in life as well as in your career. Leadership and decision-making are important skills for a nurse to have, so start now and build your career and your future in nursing.

The healthcare industry is growing every day, and the demand for highly qualified staff grows with it. Fantastic opportunities are opening for BSN educated nurses to take their career, and their caregiving, to the next level.